There's a Filipino Chloe Grace Moretz And We Can't Get Over It

There's a Filipino Chloe Grace Moretz And We Can't Get Over It

Chloe Grace Moretz has been all over our screens and News Feeds this year for various reasons like Kim K shading her on Twitter, and now it seems her face has made its way onto another person's face.

You know how everyone says there's a person out there who looks like you? Well Chloe is in luck because her doppelganger happens to live in the Philippines and works at a fast food restaurant called Jolibee. My God it's like Sliding Doors... what could have been.

Eagle-eyed fast food lovers put up photos of the lookalike onto Twitter, and Miss Moretz couldn't help but exclaim that they looked astonishingly similar.

Twitter user Queen Adrianus cleared up any confusion by posting a series of photos with the caption "It is not @ChloeGMoretz. Her name is Edcel Ched ... and she studies here in Malabon (CMU)".

One of the more freaky photos of Edcel is actually a Faceswap but you have to admit the pair do look creepily alike.

Take a look for yourself and tell us if you think Chloe has a Filipino twin. Just look at the concentration:


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