11 Disgusting Things We All Did Back In 2009

11 Disgusting Things We All Did Back In 2009

Ah 2009, a year cemented in our youth for some horrific fashion choices. Growing up in Ireland before the likes of Instagram meant the youth of the day had absolutely no idea how to make themselves look presentable.

There were some disgusting things we all did back in the day, from downing naggins in a field to hairspring our hair until it was bulletproof. I think we can safely say we're delighted Bebo is no more as all evidence is now destroyed. Just to wreck your head though, here's a little reminder of all the gross things we are all guilty to doing.

1. Hair-spraying your hair with Tesco hairspray

This would be done until your horrific side fringe was bullet proof.

2. Wearing eyeshadows that were confusing colours

There was no such thing as blending, ever.


3. Wearing boob tubes with a normal bra

This gross phenomenon would normally be accompanied with a neon bra of some sort and makes no sense whatsoever.

4. Rocking thick high-waist belts

These were the epitome of style and showed you knew how to accessorise.....


5. Clipping in some rotten hair extensions

They would normally be dyed the wrong colour and would make your look like a dead animal was attached to your head.

6. Sharing a naggin of straight vodka with your mate before a disco

We would do anything to get a buzz before dancing to Lil Jon - Get Low, those were the days.


7. Wearing tights and shorts

This is a fashion disaster that should have never happened, OH GOD.

8. Wearing see through black leggings from Dunnes

Every girl in Ireland owned at least 7 pairs of black leggings, with the majority of them completely see through.


9. Lads having frosted tips

Oisin from the Gaeltacht was literally the epitome of cool with his blonde spiked hair, what even.

10. Wearing Rimmel sun Shimmer in the darkest shade

I'm guilty of this one, mitts were considered a luxury item so a mouldy old green sock would do the job.


11. Wearing awful 'If found please return to the pub' t-shirts

Even though you were nowhere near the legal limit.


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