Rap is a genre of music that defies conventions. It relies on quick puns and sentence structure to work and there are some amazing rap artists out there.

There's also some shocking ones that probably wrote their lyrics on a piece of toilet paper and added a beat to it. We've decided to see these really bad, dirty rap songs in a new light. For all you rap noobs out there, we've taken it upon ourselves to translate some lyrics that to the untrained ear, would go unnoticed.

Come hither and bask in the glory that is dirty rap.

1. Lyrics

"All my women in tha house if you chasin cash
And you got some big titties wit a matchin ass"


All the Ladies in this club who are fond of wealthy Gentleman and have large breasts with a matching large derriére.


2. Lyrics

"Now when it comes to getting bread I got the keys to the bakery
A lot of dudes swear they play man they some fakery
Let me catch a girl up out some work in mah site
And believe I’m gon be atcha in the daylight with a flashlight"


I'm so good at making money, to use a metaphor, it's like I own a shop that specialises in making money. A lot of other Gentlemen say that they're good at making money, but they're liars. If there's a girl in the general vicinity who works as a prostitute, I'm going to find her and get my money, no matter what means necessary.

3. Lyrics

"Remember the days you was dead broke
But now you style and I raised you
Basically made you into a don"



Remember that I was there for you when you hadn't acquired a lot of money, I played a major role in your successful drug business.

4. Lyrics

"Got 30 down at the bottom, 30 mo at the top
All invisible set wit little ice cube blocks
If I could call it a drink, call it a smile on da rocks"


I have a great set of platinum encasings I cover all my teeth with, in fact, there's 30 on the bottom and 30 on the top, they actually have lovely diamonds in them, when I smile you can see my lovely diamonds.


5. Lyrics

"Come through the neck of the woods, you be alright
Cause I’m pimpin, I’m pimpin pimpin, I’m comin thru
And I’m dippin, I’m dippin dippin, them 22s"


When I drive through your neighbourhood, my car is very low on the ground and it actually features 22-inch rims, my rims are class.

6. Lyrics

"Doing a buck in my latest drop
I got stopped by a lady cop
Ha Ha… she got me thinking I can date a cop"



I was driving over 100 miles an hour in my brand new car, I was stopped by a Bean Garda, she was quite lovely and I laughed thinking that maybe perhaps I would like to go on a date with this female policewoman.

7. Lyrics

"The name is Spliff baby I’ll make you man hate me
Cause my shit’s steak and gravy plus my pipe gettin crazy baby"


Hello there, my name's Spliff. Your boyfriend probably won't like me very much because I'm pretty good at sexual intercourse and I like to smoke a lot of cannabis.


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