7 Of The Wildest Outfits From Coachella 2019 So Far

7 Of The Wildest Outfits From Coachella 2019 So Far

It's that time of year again when all the celebs come out of the wood-works to try and out-do themselves from last year and compete in the closely monitored 'best Coachella outfit of 2019' by posting very extra Instas of their latest outfit.

Each year we see a surge of the typical Ferris wheel photos popping up on our Instagram feeds, giving us unbearable FOMO as we sit in work scrolling through these sunny, festival photos that would cost an arm and a leg to attend.

We can easily admit that it's probably not what it's cracked up to be, and in reality, Electric Picnic is probably just as good (or that's what we keep telling ourselves). Coachella is for the rich and famous, and for those who need to snap a photo for their millions of followers to stay in the game.

But, even still, we'll still obsess over every photo that's posted online and give our two cents on the most out-there outfits of Coachella 2019.

Some of the trends that stuck out the most from this years festival was multi-coloured hair, unreasonably short-shorts, Aztec-style, and some even opted for the more dressed-down outfit, teaming comfy pants with boots or converse and a crop-top. My kind of comfy-chic style.

Let's start with the princess fo festivals, Paris Hilton. Paris will always be spotted at Coachella having a great time, usually hanging around DJs during their set and having a little boogie of her own. This year she opted for a rhinestone studded dress, paired with chunky robot-esque sunglasses.


Next up, although I don't condone this type of outfit, or do I think it's really stylish at all, it's James Charles, Instagram/YouTube sensation who always opts for the most outrageous Coachella outfit. No explanation needed here.

**Warning** Graphic Content**


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DAY 2 ? no razor bumps in sight

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Ariana's brother Frankie Grande, is always one to watch. His out-there style, and posed pics always grab attention, whether he's posing with Jaden Smith or not.


Jaden Smith went for golden grills at this year's festival, showing them off with the biggest grin there.

Model, Winnie Harlow rocked the cotton candy pink hair this year, teamed with a luminous green dress, and honestly, she is looking fab.


Now, there's no way we can finish this Coachella article without mentioning a Kardashian/Jenner. Both Kylie and Kendall were there this weekend, and I have to admit I love Kendall's green eyeshadow. She opted for more of a low-key look this year, but one is the most stand-out features of her outfit was the simple pop of colour.

Irish blogger, Niamh Cullen, rocked the festival in her black leather outfit, announcing her NastyGal festival edit. Go, Girl!

That's Coachella weekend #1 over and done with. Let's hope they get wilder for weekend #2!

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