WATCH: Tomorrow's Episode Of Derry Girls Looks Like A Absolute Belter

WATCH: Tomorrow's Episode Of Derry Girls Looks Like A Absolute Belter

Last week we welcomed the Derry Girls back to our screens for the much-anticipated release of Episode 1 of  Seasons 2 and it did not disappoint. The first episode saw the girls and one boy go away for a weekend as part of a peace initiative between Catholics and Protestants to improve Protestant relations. The standout scene which can only be described as comedy genius is the blackboard screen where the teenagers listed the difference between Catholics and Protestants. This scene introduced some hilarious one-liners like Protestants are richer, Catholics go to Bundoran and Protestants go to Newcastle, Protestants keep toasters in cupboards, and Catholics buzz of status.

Tomorrow's episode is shaping up to be an absolute belter too. Meet Miss DeBrún the new camogie teacher who encourages the girls to dig deep and shout out what they hate. There are some common answers you would expect, Erin hates injustice, Clare dislikes prejudice and what really boils Michelle's blood is mass. But Orla McCool, Erin's quirky cousin never ceases to entertain with her answer of a strong aversion to her own socks.

Watch this short clip Nicola Coughlan who plays Claire posted to Twitter:


Tune into Channel4 tomorrow night to watch the girls new found camogie skills. If you missed last weeks episode you can still watch it on Four On Demand.

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