What's Coming Up On Love Island: Megan Goes For Wes And Laura Isn't Too Happy

What's Coming Up On Love Island: Megan Goes For Wes And Laura Isn't Too Happy

Love Island is sending us on a roller coaster of emotions this week. From happy couples, to Alex having a meltdown, and now on to the real drama, and what Love Island is all about, breaking up the couples!

After last night's episode it's pretty clear that Ellie and Alex are not going to last much longer, and are probably dying to see someone new walk through them doors (which may be soon if Jack's ex makes an appearance). Unfortunately, for Eyal and Laura, it looks like they're going to be left on their own without a choice, if Megan decides to chase after Wes.

With the drama simmering, and the tension in the house rising, we can only expect that everything is about to go bottoms up.

Looking at the clips for tonight, Megan seems pretty set on grafting Wes, while Laura seems to be taking it better than we'd thought. According to Megan, she has always been drawn to Wes and thinks he's funny and good fun.

In the clip Laura says:

"Obviously, if Megan lays it on with Wes, like I wouldn't accept it and if Wes entertained it he can f**k off."

By the end of the sneak preview, it's pretty obvious that Megan is doing her best to get in between the already weak couple, and asks Wes for a kiss just before the video cuts off.


Whether or not Wes goes for it is uncertain, but that's how they keep us on our toes.

Tune in to ITV2 or 3e at 9pm to find out what happens.

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