11 Of The Worst X Factor Auditions Of All Time

11 Of The Worst X Factor Auditions Of All Time

It's been 13 years since the first season of X Factor was aired and now, in its 14th season, the show continues to be as ridiculous as ever.

Simon & Co returned this week to give the world more acts, CDs and book deals to fill out the bargain bin section of Dealz.

Although the show has produced some knock out stars in the past, mainly One Direction and Chico, it's the auditions process we crave the most, it's our car crash TV hit. What would the show be without its sob stories and tone deaf singers? Nothing, we tell you!

There's one contestant that we all love to hate and that's, of course, the confident singer who lacks the abilities to back it up. Whether it's their rude af personality traits or deafening vocals, here's 11 of the worst X Factor auditions of all time:

11. J Star Valentine

The Jennifer Hudson wannabee sang everyone into A & E thanks to his deafening vocal abilities. Better look next time J Star Valentine.


10. Zoe Alexander

The Pink impersonator couldn't stand the heat from the judges and literally blew up on stage...

9. Lorna Bliss


The Britney impersonator didn't manage to wow the judges with her song choice or racy performance. Life advice: You should probably call it a day when you have to chase Gary Barlow through a packed studio audience just to get him to hear you sing.

8. Sophie Stoker

*insert Kim Kardashian crying emoji*


7. Triple Trouble

Triple Trouble called themselves "not the average teenagers who cause trouble on the streets" but aggressively attacked the four judges when their vocal abilities failed to impress. George, the main singer of the group, returned to the show only to be called a "bad curry" by judges. It turns out a leopard never truly changes their spots:

6. Deborah


Debs gave everyone the cool down when she launched that glass of ice cold water all over Louis Walsh back in the early noughties. In Deborah's defense, we've all thought of doing it.

5. Onkar Judge

The George Michael/ Michael Jackson wannabee was one act the judges never wanted to hear again. Onkar literally tumbled through his performance of MJ's 'Earth Song'.


4. Robert Unwin

The chicken factory worker was more of a chameleon of voices than a singer. We're still hoping himself and David Walliam's bring back Little Britain.

3.  Rachel


Described by Sharon Osbourne as "ugly" for her personality traits, Rachel left a sour taste in the judges mouths. The singer felt she was better than Madonna, Gwen Stefani and basically anyone who has ever bothered to open their mouths:

2. Ariel The Holistic Vocal Coach

The holistic healer looked ready to "burn them all" after her performance.


1. Ablisa's Audition

You'll never know what true friendship is until you duet at an X Factor audition, as these two friends proved. Don't worry though, it could never end as badly as this.

A moment of silence for all the microphones lost during those tumultuous auditions.

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