ASOS Are Selling Male Chokers And People Are Freaking Out

ASOS Are Selling Male Chokers And People Are Freaking Out

Macho men everywhere are wincing in pain while surfing through ASOS, as the clothing retailer have begun selling male chokers.

Male models on the website have been posing in photos with the thin piece of fabric around their neck, and some people look on it as the coming of the apocalypse. Just to be clear, they're the exact same as female chokers however, Twitter users have been viewing it as a direct dig to their masculinity;


While others have been rightly stating the obvious;

A choker is a piece of fabric and the fact people are freaking out for putting said piece of fabric around one's neck is hilarious. People need to get their priorities right and realise it's a piece of fabric.

Your masculinity can actually still be intact if you wear a type of necklace, no one will chastise you or shun you. Kudos to ASOS for accepting there isn't binary gender for their clothing.

If you don't like them, don't wear them.

Pic/Source: ASOS


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