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18 Reasons Being A Heavyweight Is The Absolute Worst

One of the great pastimes of our generation is drinking, and doing a lot of it. While going out with your friends can be fun, being a heavyweight is most certainly not. One of the worst things about being a heavyweight can be the fact that you never get drunk for cheap, which is basically the point of drinking, isn't it?

1. No one else is on your level. Ever.

2. It's expensive AF.

3. You almost always have to drink before going out for drinks.


4. You always beat everyone at drinking games.

5. You basically have to starve if you wanna get drunk for cheap.

6. You get full before you get drunk.


7. You end up taking care of the super drunk friends.

8. Everything's a lot less funny.

9. You get tired before you get drunk.


10. Any buzz wears off really quick, so you've got to keep a steady pace of drinking.


11. It's literal hell if you hate the taste of alcohol.


12. You sometimes get the hangover the next morning without enjoying the drunkenness the night before.

13. You end up drinking the cheapest thing on tap, if only to save yourself some cash.

14. If you're trying to get drunk, you have to buy the expensive drinks with the highest alcohol content.


15. You've got to do a lot of shots if you want to get drunk, beer never does the trick.

16. It's basically a miracle if you actually get drunk.

17. Looking at your bank account is cringe worthy the morning after an actually drunk night.

18. The one good thing: you don't wake up with 'the fear' the next morning.

Ally Kutz
Article written by
American student interning in Ireland for the semester. Lover of dogs and bad puns.

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