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Applegreen Introduce Delicious Vegan Sausage Rolls To Their Menu

Applegreen Introduce Delicious Vegan Sausage Rolls To Their Menu

Move over Gregg's, there's a new vegan sausage in town!

Even though I've never had the chance to experience an authentic Gregg's vegan sausage roll, so I can't exactly compare, the idea of having our own shot of vegan-rolls is exciting, to say the least.

Ireland's next top deli is definitely delivering, bringing us our new favourite veggie-friendly, filo wrapped, fake sausage roll and the reviews are looking positive.

Made in Ireland, from the Irish breakfast monger, this delicious blend of soya beans, chickpeas, herbs and spices is filling all of our vegetarian/vegan needs this week, all while only costing us a euro. This one euro sausage roll deal will be available from Monday 29 April (today) to Sunday 19 May and then they'll be hiking it up to 1.75 (still worth it).

Applegreen announced the news this morning and there has been hoards of positive reviews piling in ever since.


You can view a list of all the Applegreen taking part in this vegan lifestyle here. 

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