10 Healthy Tips For People Who Struggle With Their Weight

First off, I'm speaking from personal experience so I'm not trying to insult anyone here. This article isn't full of technical weight loss jargon or exercise suggestions  this isn't 7-Minute Abs  just tips to ease you into a weight that's healthy. And it's easier than you probably think. Here are 10 healthy tips for people who struggle with their weight.

1) Stop kidding yourself

If you're overweight, you may suffer from low self-esteem, mostly because you're used to being made fun of by those around you and society in general. People with low self-esteem make excuses to themselves about being powerless. This is bullshit, you're only kidding yourself. Once you stop holding yourself back, acknowledge the fact that you're capable of improving yourself in every respect, you can proceed with bettering yourself.

2) Change your environment

If you're from an overweight family or friend group, your environment may not be helping. Your methods of socialising may be built around unhealthy food and a sedentary lifestyle. I'm not suggesting you avoid your friends and family, I'm suggesting you take greater control of the diets of all these people, so you help not only yourself but those you care about as well.

3) Avoid fad diets


You won't stick to them and they're shit anyway. Just cut out the crap from your diet: overly processed foods and takeouts. Switch to fruits, veg and unprocessed foods as much as possible and you're on the right track.

4) Find the right exercise for you

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess you're not particularly sporty. That's okay, you don't have to be, there are plenty of exercise options out there for you. I recommend you start walking more often and do an hour a day. Then, upgrade to jogging (running as slow as you can for as long as you can). If you're feeling especially committed then join the gym, weight training combined with cardio and a low carb diet is the best for burning your fat stores.

5) Don't drink your calories

A tip from the folks at Weight Watchers. You have a permitted daily allowance of calories, save them for food. That means no more sugary drinks. Not even orange juice. Just eat an orange!


6) Drink more water

A lot of the time, we honestly mistake thirst for hunger. When you get those pangs, drink a glass of water. If you're still hungry in 15 minutes, then you genuinely are hungry.

7) Set realistic goals

Don't tell yourself you're gonna run a marathon if you feel faint from running up the stairs. Aim for a 5km run first, and allow yourself a few months to train for it.

8) Gradually dial down the calories

If you've ever watched The Biggest Loser, you'll know that some of the contestants pass out in the early stages of the show. This is due to withdrawal from a high-calorie intake in such a short period. Mishaps like this can not only be dangerous, but they also put you off your weight loss campaign. Be smart and gradually lower the calories you consume.

9) Find food replacements you can stand

If you can barely stomach that seaweed on spelt bread sandwich, there's no chance you're gonna stay off the chicken fillet rolls. Experiment with different health foods until you find your new favourite treat.

10) Allow yourself regulated treats

You won't be able to avoid a Chinese takeaway or tub of Ben & Jerry's forever, so allow yourself them in moderation. Many people allow themselves a cheat meal once a week, this can be a great carrot on a string to motivate you. None of these tactics will necessarily guarantee you a six-pack, but they will allow quite a dramatic weight loss for an overweight person. Fuck being skinny, just be healthy.

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