10 Reasons Studying At Home Is Better Than Studying In College

For those of you new students just starting out in college like myself here are a few reasons as to why studying at home is much more efficient then studying in college.


Reason 1: Free food. At home if you're studying and you start to feel a bit peckish you can just go to the kitchen and get yourself a snack and for how much you ask? For free, where as in college if you want to get food not only do you have to go find the nearest shop but you have to spend most of the money you always say you're "saving for a rainy day" on food that isn't even that nice!


Reason 2: Sleep. When you're studying in college do you ever just think to yourself "Man I would love to go for a nap right now"? And then you realise you can't because you're afraid that your spot in the library will be taken or worse, the college could close with you still sleeping there and you get locked in. Well at home if you ever are feeling the need to catch some Zs you can and all you have to do is just get up from your work and go take a nap without having to worry about your spot being taken or being locked into the college overnight.

Reason 3: Talking. You can talk as much as you like without being shushed by anyone around you or by the cranky librarian. Don't you just hate when people tell you to "pipe down" or "quit your chit-chat?" Well at home you can talk as much you like without being given out to.


Reason 4: Public Transport. Like most students including myself  to get to college we must use public transportation such as the bus, the train, the luas etc. and we all know how expensive public transportation is. If you choose to study in college not only will you be spending money to get to the college you will also have to wait on a crowded bus or train and pray to god that there is a free seat in the library otherwise your trip was a waste of time and money. But if you choose to study at home not only do you save money and a journey but you can be guaranteed that you will have a place to study.

Reason 5: Getting up early. Unfortunately most people have to endure getting up early for college (although we should really be used to it by now considering we used to have to get up early for school), in regards to study if you choose to study in college you may have to get up earlier to get a good spot for your study but if you study at home you can get up at any time you like (unless you are one of those people who likes to get up early and do their study)

Reason 6: Having different lecturers each semester. As the year goes on you will most likely have a different lecture each semester, this means that you will have different work and you will have to learn their methods if they teach differently to your old lecturer. For those of you who decide to actually study throughout college you may find this difficult studying at home or in college.


Reason 7: No distraction of others. I know that library's are supposed to be quiet but you always have that one distracting person who is tapping the table or playing their music so loud you can hear it through their earphones and it's so distracting that you can't focus on your own work. If you study at home you have no distraction of others around you and you can just pick a nice, quiet room in your house and study there in peace but in college there's only one room so unfortunately you will have to put up with the distracting people if you choose the college to study.


Reason 8: Free Tea. What more is there to say you get free tea at home and I know that this relates back to my first reason about free food but come on who doesn't love tea I mean we are Irish it's in our nature to love tea!

Reason 9: Comfort. Studying in college is not very comfortable you're mainly sitting on hard chairs or if your lucky comfy chairs for hours on end were as at home you can be studying in bed or you can be studying at the kitchen table with a nice fluffy pillow propped up behind your head.

Reason 10: Staying up late for study. As you know most colleges close early and therefore you can't study late but at home you can study as late as you want.

Ciara Walsh

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