The 15 Most Irritating People You'll Meet In The Library

So it's exam time once again and the library is full. However, some have fallen into the category of most hated.

Are you one of the following most irritating people?

11) Pssst

So you're in the zone, study is going really well for you. Then you hear it, the individual beside you starts to snigger like a little girl because they've just received a note from their friend. More than likely laughing over some ridiculously juvenile joke. You're not in school anymore guys, passing notes isn't considered 'cool' in college. If you'd like to have a conversation with someone all you have to do is go outside. Better yet, mail them. Please just shut the f*ck up.

10) The Musically Inept

Have you no library etiquette? Is it necessary to play your music so loud? There’s not a chance it makes you concentrate more either. The least you could do is play something that’s actually good, we’d rather not have to listen to ‘Wrecking Ball’. Although a wrecking ball would come in handy right now..


9) The Phone Slut

This one is a real gear grinder for some. You don't know where they are but all you can hear is the ferocious tapping of someone typing out a text. Is it really necessary to have your phone on loud? You're in a library, put it on silent you inconsiderate degenerate. You should be studying anyway.

8) The Infected


As if the library wasn't disgusting enough. Having to sit beside someone who is sick is never a delight. Clues to their whereabouts can be seen by the numerous amounts of crumpled up dirty tissues around their desk. Their sniffling seems to be never ending, and they cough so much you're afraid they'll lose a lung. Go to the bathroom please and blow your nose to your hearts content. No one wants to hear you, and they certainly do not want to look at you.

7) The Secret Eater

You're sitting quietly at your desk, frantically looking over your notes before your exam tomorrow. Then it happens. The Kraken of snack eating awakes and proceeds to open a packet of crisps. The rustling of the bag echoes throughout the room. The sound of them chowing down could be mistaken for Dubstep. Were you raised in a barn? The least you could do is eat with your mouth closed. Unfortunately that isn't even the worst thing. The smell of those fowl cheese and onion Hunky Dory's start to fill the room.. Run.

6) The Invisible One


You've been eyeing up this desk for the past 40 minutes and there is no sign of someone returning. You really need to use your laptop and seeing as you're a nice person you didn't take their desk, you've sat yourself down and decided to occupy the time by looking over some notes. A further 10 minutes has passed. Still no sign. You could easily leave and try to find another desk, but what if you do and there is none, you return to the old one and find that that's now been taken. You can't risk it, you just have to wait it out. Ok, now this is getting ridiculous, where have they gone? Did they get lost? Fall down the toilet?

5) The Desk Thief

So you've nipped out for a cigarette, or to restock on necessary cans of Redbull. You return to your desk only to find someone has neatly placed all your things beside it on the floor thinking that it'll be ok. Well it's not. It's far from ok in fact. Who said you could touch my things and takeover my work space? You will quickly remove yourself from that seat if you value your life.

 4) The Hoarder


So you arrive into the library only to find some assh*le is taking up a desk with a socket. Why? Just why? Do you need a socket to study your NOTES? No. No you do not. You're not using a laptop, you're not charging your phone, or your dildo. So why are you sitting there? You really need to start, and finish your 3,000 word essay. Your stress levels are increasing by the minute and looking at the back of their head is driving you mad. You're about to lose it, better leave before you end your day in a jail cell.

3) The Shoeless Ones

Ok, so it might make you feel more at home, or you might think it makes you study better but nothing gives you the excuse to remove your shoes and allow the whole room to be filled with your nasty sock musk. You're not at home and it does not make you study better. It's far from pleasant and nobody is enjoying it. Even the sight of your toes jiggling underneath your socks is repulsive. Worse again, if you've gone full feet commando don't be surprised if you receive endless glares of horror. Put your shoes back on you filthy little whore.

2) The Farter


If you've ever been guilty of being the nasty culprit who's let out the dreaded silent but deadly stink bomb, what the hell is wrong with you? Seriously. Who does that? Did you think no one would notice? Perhaps you didn't think it would smell that bad. Still, our poor nostrils have already fallen victim to enough library odours as it is. They don't need another reason to want to jump off our face and never come back.

1) The Nose Picker

Most definitely the most irritating and repulsive person you will ever come across in the library. Nothing justifies this person willingly merging their finger right up their hairy nostril. What are you doing? Searching for Narnia? Take your sh*t and whatever else you found up there and leave the library now. For your benefit and everyone else's..

Will things ever change?

Sarah Finegan

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