10 Reasons Why It's A Good Idea For Girls To Live With Boys

It’s a tough choice, weighing up whether to live with galpals or the lads. After living with each, these are, in my humble experience, the ten best advantages to living with boys.

You can burp at will, without fear of reprieve.

You might improve your sports skills/ hand-eye co-ordination, as you will pick up techniques from the sports channel.


There'll be a great team of DIY amateurs on hand to assemble Ikea flatpacks/ mend dodgy televisions.


Their advice tends to be hilarious, if largely useless.

You can pretend to be a comparative domestic goddess in the kitchen.


You get to tease them about the girls they bring home.


You might benefit from the batch of home-brew that they’ve been tirelessly caring for throughout the year.

You’ll always have a drinking partner. (See above.)


You get to learn the truth about the mysterious male obsession with Protein Shakes, and even taste them! (N.B. they’re disgusting)

They know a surprisingly vast array of drinking games, picked up on various rugby tours / lads’ holidays.

Julia O' Mahony

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