10 Things Irish People Do In The Sunshine

It's that time of year again when the temperature can be described as mild and the sun peeks from behind the clouds for a few days. So what do we Irish do?

1. Go For A Drink

Seems to be the typical Irish response to most things, but if it's sunny outside you're bound to hear "it's drinking weather" or "few pints?" at some stage. Similarly to when it's snowing outside when you'll hear "it's drinking weather" and "few hot whiskies?"


2. Wear Less Clothes

Finally .... Dare I say it?? .... Finally you can actually leave the house WITHOUT A COAT. If you're a young wan you'll probably go out without most of your trousers too as you pull out the short shorts after a  disproving lecture from your mother. You better not forget the umbrella though, let's not kid ourselves, we're still in Ireland.



3. Get A 99

Sure we couldn't be out enjoying the sun splitting the stones without a 99?? HA??!!

4. Buy New Sunglasses


The temperature is tipping 8 degrees. It's OK everyone, I have my new sunglasses so the sun won't melt my eyes. Can we get a selfie?


5. Go For Another Drink

"We didn't take a selfie the first time. Plus I'm only wearing my sunglasses now. You didn't check us in on Facebook the first time either?"



6. Go To The Beach

It's sunny this week so it means this could be our week of summer arriving early. No time to waste then, we have a lot to squeeze in. Better head to the beach pronto, those bikini photos won't take themselves. Plus that's another place we can drink.

7. Wear Sunscreen

It's barely hot but after the fifth phone call about your "fair skin" from your mother you relented and put on the factor 50. Now it feels like it's approximately one million degrees outside and you're sticking to everything in sight.


8. Apply Fake Tan

The sun came out today. So logically everyone must be tanned today. Thank God it comes in a bottle. What's that you say? You tan naturally? Welcome to my list of enemies.

9. Put The Washing Out On The Line

There's great drying in that weather. Sure aren't we only delighted?




10. Get Sunburnt

You're the one who didn't listen to your mother about the factor 50. Now you get to listen to your friends instead as they take the piss out of your beautiful beetroot complexion which really compliments your ginger hair.






Emma Sweeney

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