10 Things Only Really Stupid People Will Understand

People do some pretty stupid shit. Usually we don't even question it, because if everybody else does it it can't be bad, right? Wrong. Check out these 10 things only really stupid people will understand.

1) Paying money to run outdoors. If you don't understand why that's idiotic, you're beyond help.

2) Not voting because it's pointless. Which is true, democracy becomes pretty fucking pointless when droves of citizens don't even bother to cast a vote.

3) Brushing your teeth before breakfast. You're just ruining your orange juice.

4) Complaining about all those foreigners coming here to take our jobs despite the fact that the income tax they pay far outweighs the benefits claimed by a minor percentage of them.

5) Taking in more calories than you burn and being surprised that you're not losing weight.


6) Drinking until you forget the entire night, projectile vomit, and spend the entire next day in a pit of despair and pain, effectively flushing your weekend and money down the drain. And repeat for your entire youth.

7) Communicating with flatmates exclusively through post-it notes. That'll win their respect for sure.

8) Having sex with people you've just met without using a condom. Genius.

9) Paying money for water. That shit literally falls from the sky, people.

10) Doing an Arts degree. Coz that's bound to end well.

Joey Flanagan
Article written by
His friends call him Joe, you can call him Mr. Flanagan. A keen taxidermist and prolific writer of erotic Fair City fan-fiction, Joey's accomplishments include completing the Camino de Santiago, getting Ray D'Arcy's autograph over 200 times, and knocking a pig unconscious with one square punch to its jaw.

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