The 10 Types Of People It's Perfectly Ok To Hate

Nobody is perfect, but there are always those people that we are all jealous of. Whatever it is about them, we can't help but secretly hate them. We might act nice to them on the surface, but underneath were are green with envy. It's ok though, we are who we are and it's better not to try and be like somebody else. . Here are the types of people it's perfectly ok to hate.

10) The one with the great body

We all have some gripes with our body, so we decided to start going to the gym and then give up after a couple of weeks. There are always those people that have amazing bodies and it's just not fair. You start to envy them and then it turns to hate because you know you will never have a body like theirs.

9) The smart one

They always seem to be ahead of the curve and are always well informed about current events. You mistakenly try to have a conversation with them about current affairs and then they bury you with facts and figures and you end up sounding like an idiot.


8) The successful one

Success has always come naturally  to them and when you look back at what you have done it's minuscule in comparison. They walk into a job after college and seem to have all these connections. When they ask you what you're doing, you always have to stretch the truth.

7) The one that doesn't' even try

Everything they do just seems to be so effortless for them. You're in the same class as them in college, they're out every night and hand in an assignment at the last minute and still get an A. You actually applied yourself for once and you only ended up getting a B. You wish you could just effortlessly produce your work at the last minute like they do.


6) The funny one

It seems like everything that comes out of their mouth is comedy gold, there statuses and tweets are even funny. They're a natural comedian, and when you try to tell a joke around them, they give you a pity laugh. You genuinely thought you were funny, until your joke bombs and you're the only who though it was funny.

5) The humanitarian

You always see them in pictures abroad, where they went to Kenya or Haiti. They make everyone feel real guilty about how little they do for charity. Some people are more inclined to give back and the closest thing you have done to giving back is putting money in the Trocaire box and then taking it back out when you needed change for the bus.


4) The model

There  is always that one person you know that is just incredibly good looking and has done some modelling work on the side. They will always make you feel shit about how you look, no matter how much of an effort you put in. They're not the brightest in the bunch, so at least you have that over them.

3) The naturally gifted one

They're really a jack of all trades, they're a musician, an artist, a writer,  and an activist, they basically do it all. Everything just seems to come naturally to them and you wish you were just able to play guitar, but you tried once and failed miserably. It's best to stick to what you're good at, which is very little.


2) The loveable asshole

There is always that one person that you know that acts like an asshole, but get's away with it for some reason or another. They have charm or they're good looking, so they don't get as much hate for it. They're likeable, so it's just seen as who they are, if you try acting like an asshole people just think you're an asshole.

1) The happy couple

We all know that couple who have been together for ages and still seem happy and content with their relationship. They never seem to fight and they always know what to say to each other. You wish you could have a relationship, let alone a fully functional one. We'll at least you're not tied into being in a relationship so that's something.


Kenneth Fox
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I'm a musician and a writer, or a writer and a musician, I can't make up my mind, Either way I'm not particularly good at either. A bit of an old fashioned guy, who enjoys the simpler things in life, nothing fancy.

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