10 Ways To Make The Perfect First Impression...

It's been estimated that over the course of your lifetime, you'll meet or encounter upwards of 10,000 people. That's a whole lot of first impressions. Now, consider that most of the people we see on a daily basis we don't even speak to, and when we do socially interact with an individual, we're reading them for negative signs. This is because there are just so many people in the world, we have to filter out the bad eggs so that they don't find their way into our social circle. These negative signs aren't just conveyed through your speech though, most of them come from nonverbal cues. So when it comes to socialising, dating, or going for an interview, hack into people's good books by paying close attention to our 10 ways to make the perfect first impression:

1) Proper posture.

Exude confidence, grace, and dominance by bringing yourself to your full height. This shows you in your best light and commands respect.

2) Smile.

It ain't just for family photos, folks. For some reason, curling your lips upwards makes you appear warmer, caring, and more "likeable" to those around you. Also, being likeable is considered "good." Huh, go figure.

3) Look 'em in the eye.

I can't say enough for good eye contact. In all walks of life, maintaining eye contact with people is always a good thing. People eat that shit up.


4) Dress to impress.

If you're meeting someone important - first date, an interview, the BF/GF's parents - for the love of God, put in a bit of fucking effort. Nothing says "Look at all the fucks I give!" quite like showing up to something important in a t-shirt.

5) Remember names and use them.

Dale Carnegie, author of How To Win Friends & Influence People, wrote: "Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language." He was pretty spot-on, too. If you learn someone's name, keep using it when you're having conversations with them. They love the sound of their own name and they love to hear you say it.

6) Don't fidget.

If you're fidgeting, you're clearly not relaxed. If you're not relaxed, then maybe you're not confident. If you're not confident, maybe I don't want to be around you. That is how a bad impression is formed. Easily remedied: don't fuckin' fidget.

7) Be memorable.

Your goal is to be remembered. Of course, serial killers want to be remembered too... Your goal is to be remembered in a positive light. Have a sense of humour, be interesting, and drop some tight anecdotage on their asses.

8) Get the person to talk about themselves.

Intrinsically self-centred, is your average human being. Appear as if you're genuinely interested in their life and you'll have them in the palm of your hand in no time at all.

9) Find a connection.

Find some of that sweet, sweet common ground and you're laughing. The conversations will write themselves after that.

10) Finish on a good note.

Any good performer or sexpert will tell you this piece of advice: always leave 'em wanting more. That's how you guarantee repeat business, and that's how you turn a first impression into a long and prosperous relationship. Goodbye and good luck.

Joey Flanagan
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His friends call him Joe, you can call him Mr. Flanagan. A keen taxidermist and prolific writer of erotic Fair City fan-fiction, Joey's accomplishments include completing the Camino de Santiago, getting Ray D'Arcy's autograph over 200 times, and knocking a pig unconscious with one square punch to its jaw.

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