11 Schools We Really Wish We Went To

Springfield Elementary

Because of Bart... although all the lines wouldn't have been fun.. neither would Nelson.


Sunnydale High (Buffy)

Mainly just because Buffy was hot, although there was a ridiculous amount of demons which doesn't sound amazing.



The School From Dead Poets Society

Because if Robin Williams was your teacher and he said things like this you would have actually went.


Bayside High


For the birds... Kelly, Lisa and Jessie.


Rudge Park Comprehensive (The Inbetweeners)

To witness events like Will shitting himself.




Pretty much the best fictional school ever... It also means being a witch / wizard and having magical powers... and Dumbledore.


The Harbor School (The OC)


Remember when Seth did this? that would have been fun to watch (not on tv)


The School From One Tree Hill

Three words... Chad. Michael. Basketball.



Shermer High (Breakfast Club)

Because detention would have actually been fun.


Rydell (Grease)


Because of the dancing... and Sandy


The Glee School

Because of the dancing... and the singing... and the cheerleaders

Shane Johnston
Article written by
Editor for CollegeTimes, UCD graduate and music lover. [email protected]

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