11 Signs It Is Time To Get A New Part-Time Job

You are in college. It isn't fun. You have a constant worry of whether you should go out or stay in and study. Nights out are seeming less important as exams and essay due dates are fast approaching. See, even though studying should be your main priority a student has got to eat. Rush in a wave of further emotion and stress with your part-time job. But things have been happening lately and you couldn't think of anything worse than going to work. The time has come and it is hard to face. It is time you stood up and said  "my life would be so much easier if I had a new job". And it can be. Yes, it is slim pickings out there but I am sure with the experience you have gained over the last couple of years, and the 3 or 4 lies thrown in, your CV is the dogs you know what. So, be confident and aim higher. You deserve to be in a job that doesn't make you want to tear your hair out, right? If you are in a job where you are not sure if you should pack it in or not, look at my 11 Signs It Is Time To Get A New Part-Time Job.

 1) You Have Used Every Excuse Possible

You have had every disease under the sun, your grandparents and great grandparents have died at least 10 times now and food poisoning is a think of the norm. You have used all the tricks in the book and it is getting obvious now.

2) You Search For Someone To Cover For You More Than Going In Yourself

You beg your work colleagues to fill in for you more often than not. You plead on Facebook pages and Whatsapp groups for someone to take your place. You have even considered bribing people until you realized you have nothing to offer them.


3) You Have Started Hating Your Boss

You have now starting hating your boss. And, making imagining random death scenarios involving them has become quite the daily occurrence. They are really starting to piss you off and you want out.

4) You Aren't Even Happy When You Get Paid

There is no spring in your step like it used to be when you got paid. You even have a sarcastic and resentful look on your face when you receive that cheque. You feel you deserve to earn more and you are not happy about it.


5) You Have Cried In Work More Times Than You Can Count

You could have cried out of frustration or because someone was being an a**hole. Either way you cried more than once. This is not what you deserve and you hate this death trap place of work.


6) Rolling Your Eyes Has Become Second Nature

When anyone in your workplace does the slightest thing to annoy you, you become extremely agitated. You roll your eyes a lot and people are starting to notice that you are hating it there.

7) You Have Searched For A Workforce Version Of Rate My Teacher

You are trying to vent and even though you know you shouldn't write your fury for all to see you want to see if anyone else did. You have an urge to take this anger and put it to good use but you could not find such a thing.


8) You Have Said "Is it all worth it?", "Fuck my life!" and "I hate this place" Far Too Often

Using these expressions has become increasingly normal. Even if it is muttered under your breath or said from the rooftops, you know it counts for something. You are using dramatic phrases like "I am loosing the will to live!".

9) You Have Started To Take Stationary/Discount Cards/Food With No Shame Or Regret

You feel your job owes you something and you are wiling to take just about anything. You want what is forbidden and you are caring far less about getting caught. You are now a bad ass and you know it.



10) You Don't Care About Your Job Performance

You are slacking, you're late and generally avoid any work possible. You no longer have pride in your performance and you care a lot less about what impression you make. You don't care if you are on bad terms with anyone and you just want to leave.


11) You Have Considered Running Away

In all seriousness, you have genuinely considered running away. You haven't decided how or where yet but it is on the cards. You have also considered just getting up and leaving work on many occasions or else you actually did. All in all, you just don't really give two sh*ts.

If you have agreed with 7 or more of these 11 signs it may be time for you to venture elsewhere. God speed!

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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