11 Signs You Need To Get Out More

We all like our home comforts; having a cup of tea made by Mother dearest, snuggling up on the couch in your pyjamas for the day. But there's a huge difference between having a nice time at home and becoming a hermit crab. Here are 11 tell-tale signs you need to get out more, starting like, right now...

1) Antique Road Show, A Place In The Sun And Bargain Hunters are your life.

You keep checking the time on the bus home because you're scared you're going to miss the Countdown Conundrum. C'mon, loser!

2) Constantly Calling Your Parents

When your Mam and Dad go out and you're regularly calling and texting worried that they're dead. Because who will make me dinner now?!

3) Gossip Girls?

You know all about your neighbours gossip. Mary's daughter cheated on her boyfriend and my God, is she paying for it now. I KNOW RIGHT?

4) Am I talking to a brick wall?

"Do you think I'm made of money?", "Don't cross your eyes, they'll freeze that way!". You know every saying, come-back and expression your Mother could say and you can do it exactly like her, creepily good.

5) Free The Nipple

You haven't worn a bra in a long time.

6) Holy Shhh-ugar

You have the language of a saint in a church on a Sunday.

7) Your Friends Complain About Your Lack Of A Life

Your friends are noticing how much time you're spending at home. "I haven't seen her in weeks..."

8) What Even Is Pop-Culture?

You're losing touch with the outside world and having really deep thoughts about nothing. What is music, drinks, life itself?

9) You're Now A Fan Of Adverts Galore

You know every word to every ad on the telly now. "Bang! And the dirt is gone."

10) You're A Complete Netflix Addict

You can watch an entire show in a day, no problem, no worries.

11) Sleep all day, up all night.

3am is a now a normal time to go to sleep. What is the sun anyway?

Laura Kelly
Article written by
Laura is an open minded, positive thinker (who enjoys a good rant) with a love for all movies and Marvel. She is full of thoughts but is strictly only to be approached whenever a random conversation is desired. She is also deeply in love with Kristen Stewart.

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