11 Things All Clean Eaters Are Absolutely Sick Of Hearing

It's about being healthy and some people just don't understand that. You've been military-camp-strict with what you eat, but sometimes you feel like cracking from the ridiculously stupid things people say to you. Stay strong fellow clean eaters as the world is full of idiots. Here are 11 things all clean eaters are sick of hearing:

1) "You don't need to be on a diet."

It ain't about losing weight, bitch. It's about being healthy. But thanks for the concern, all the same.

2) "I would hate to be doing that."

Well, it's a good fucking thing you're not doing it then because I wouldn't want to see you upset petal.

3) "I'd say that's a tough thing to do."

Really? You don't say smartie pants.

4) "So are you a vegetarian now?"

Were you even listening to a word I said?

5) "Want to get something to eat?"

I have my lunches pre-packed for the next year, but thanks so much for the kind words and gestures.

6) "I heard that eating only healthy food is really ba....."

Staaaaaaph, staaap the madness.

7) "Why are you doing this to yourself?"

Because I want to be healthy, for fuck sake, why can't anyone at all understand that?

8) "Good for you!"

You patronising little shit, thank you so much though, all the same. *Kisses*

9) "Why don't you just go to the gym?"

Don't you know anything bitch? 70% food, 30% exercise. Look it up right now and that's an order.

10) "I bet you miss fun food, right?"

Just don't even go there, please.

11) "You should try Crossfit, it's so much better for y..."

Laura Kelly
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Laura is an open minded, positive thinker (who enjoys a good rant) with a love for all movies and Marvel. She is full of thoughts but is strictly only to be approached whenever a random conversation is desired. She is also deeply in love with Kristen Stewart.

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