10 Embarrassing Post Break Up Instincts Everyone Has

From the second you hear "We need to talk..." you're like oh FUCK. Break up's are fucking shit but they're a necessary part of our lives, and they help us to come out stronger. Or else you end up stalking them and getting pissed on tequila shots and sending them Snapchats of how much "fun" you're having. And by fun I mean silently crying as you scroll through your newly-downloaded Tinder and realise that you're gonna be forever single. Here are 12 post break up instincts that you just shouldn't succumb to.


1. Have A Good Old Ugly Cry


We feel like a breakup is the end of the world and tbh it is. The end of your world in a relationship. And who wants that? Who wants a shitty girl or lad that they have to put up with? Embrace being single! Be actually relieved that you've found out now that it's over, rather than getting months or even years later.



2. No Love For Me


First of all, turn off Taylor Swift and put down the glass of Rosé for a sec. Just because one relationship turned out to be a disaster, it doesn't mean that everyone is a dick and that no one will ever love you. Even though most people are dicks...but yeah, you'll be fiiine.

3. Something-aholic

This instinct is called 'oniomania' in psychology, and truth be told you're currently dealing with it. Sometimes overspending on clothes, drink, food our broken hearts, and that's okay. Do what you need to do, just don't end up broke/fat/continually wasted as well as broken hearted.

4. Foodie Alert


By now you've become a complete foodie. You're mostly found sitting with a pot of ice cream or a bar of chocolate in your hand. It's true that chocolate makes everything better, so you do what you need to do.

5. Single Forever

We vow to be 'Forever Single and Never Ready To Mingle'. We don't want anymore relationship mess, so we decide that we're NEVER going to date again. Is this realistic though? Your hatred for the opposite sex will pass, just give it time.

6 From Comparisons To Conclusions

They were cheating. They never loved me. They're with someone so much hotter than me right now I fucking bet. Stop. Breathe. If it makes you feel any better, it's probably all true. Just sayin'.


7. Changing Yourself

You tend to change your look for a new you, whether that's with a new haircut or by adapting a new fashion trend for two reasons. 1) To show them that the breakup no longer matters to you. 2) They'll for you all over again.


8. Going Public


From our bad moods to sad statuses, everything's on Facebook these days. Make sure you keep everything about your relationship off social media - you'll only regret it in the end.

9. Being Friends With Them

Texting or calling  just to show that you still want to be friends with them is the worst idea. You need time to heal so give yourself that.

10. And Finally/Hopefully...Move On



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