12 Things Not To Say To Someone Doing An Arts Degree

Anyone who has partaken in an arts degree knows exactly what this article is going to entail. The typical questions from extended family members, family friends, and even randomers on a night out can be varied but usually stick around the same subject matter. And our question to them, what's it to you? For those of you who know of someone doing an arts degree, here is a handy list of the things not to say!

12) So What Was Your First Choice?

Um, this... As hard as that may seem to comprehend, I wanted to do this. I wasn't sure, initially, which subject to take so I wanted to check out my options. Or maybe I just wanted to do a mix of subjects, what's it to you?

11) Oh, You Want To Be A Teacher?

No, one thousand times, no.


10) A Lecturer, Then?

Even more nos than before.

9) That's Quite Broad, Isn't It?

Nope, not really. Not when you choose your subjects... We don't actually do a little bit of everything, you know?


8) Are Your Parents Okay With It?

Yeah, they're actually pretty proud of me. Surprising, huh? Because they know that I knowwhat I want to do and that I'm pursuing it.

7) What Do You Hope To Get From It?

An education, hopefully. Even better if there's a job at the end of it. What do you think I want from it, an audience with Kanye West?


6) You're Going To Go Further Then, Right?

Firstly, I'm trying to finish a three/four year degree and am kinda burned out, but thanks for your encouragement. Secondly, if you want to fund my education with a couple, or more, grand you might find lying in your bank account, feel free!

5) Why'd You Decide To Do That?

There are these crazy things called opinions and desires. Or, y'know, maybe I just wasn't interested in architecture or banking or whatever other cock-eyed notion you dreamed up.


4) Can You Get A Job From It?

Nope, that's why I'm doing it! So I can be unemployed forever. What do you think?

3) You Could Have Done Nursing/Engineering...

I could have but I didn't want to. Funny that! You really wouldn't want me being in charge of your well-being since I will surely faint at the sight of the blood I have caused to splatter across the walls.


2) Can I Have Some Fries With That?

Wow, never heard the McDonalds' joke before. Did you learn that while doing your superior degree?

1) No, Seriously Though, Supersize Me.

How about I punch you in the neck?

Emma Hyland

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