12 Ways To Tell If You're The Bad Roommate

There's always one. People love to nominate someone as the bad guy, the one roommate that the rest will all bitch about behind their back, the one who isn't pulling their weight. Using these helpful questions as a guide, it's time to have a good sit down and ask yourself the most important question of all: "Am I the bad roommate?"

1) Do you ever change the toilet paper?

Or are you an awful person?

2) Do you always pile the bin ridiculously high and never think to take it out?

I hate you.


3) Do you play music of the loud and shit variety?

I really hate you.

4) Are you loud in the bedroom?

5) Then you hypocritically complain about your roommates' volume?


"Guys, would you mind...?"

5) Are you a firm believer in the "if I soak it and ignore it, it will wash itself" school of pan cleaning?

6) Do you siphon the occasional biscuit from your roommate's packet thinking no one will notice? (They do.)

7) Do you ever start a sentence with "I don't mean to be a dick..." and then immediately proceed to be a dick?

8) Do you know where the vacuum is?


9) Is your bed surrounded by every glass in your household?

10) Do you ever buy new cleaning stuff?

11) Does your roommate buy new cleaning stuff and you say you'll pay them back but end up just plain forgetting about it?

12) Do you leave passive aggressive notes around the house?


Seán Kenehan
Article written by
Seán has been told by some that he resembles a young Hugh Laurie, but more people have tried to hire him as a Noddy impersonator. Something of a film fan, a pub quiz is one of the few situations in which he is even remotely useful. Seán enjoys the occasional beverage of the alcohol variety, Salt & Vinegar crisps, and referring to himself in the third person.

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