13 Signs That You're A Compulsive Worrier

From time to time we all get anxiety, it's what makes you human. Our brain is stopping us from doing something stupid or making a rash decision. There are some of us though that have  something in the back of their brain that is always niggling them . Everything is laced with a seed of doubt and you're never truly convinced. Here are the signs that you're a compulsive worrier.

13) You find it hard to get to sleep

Your brain doesn't switch off at night, you spend hours tossing and turning  at night trying to fall asleep. You've had tried everything, but thoughts just keep racing through your head. You end up staying up all night watching the Breaking Bad box set again to get yourself to sleep.

12) You read way too much into your dreams

Any time you have a dream and you happen to remember it, you think that there is some deep existential meaning behind it. Usually it's just a lot of random stuff that when it's put together makes absolutely no sense.


11) At the smallest sign of sickness, you have to check all your symptoms online

Worriers are known hypochondriacs and when you get even the smallest dose of something, you feel like you are going to die of a fever. Times have changed and we have medicine for everything now, the worst advice you can give worriers is to check their symptons online, it will just make them think they have loads of diseases they have never heard of, like lupus... It's never lupus!

10) You spend too much time dwelling on compliments

"What did they mean by that? " What are they trying to say?". You think that there is some secret code you have to unlock to find out what they really mean. Usually when someone gives you a compliment they are just being nice and they don't actually have an alterior motive behind it.


9) Interviews are your worst nightmare

You go through every possible outcome that could happen and only spend time on the bad ones. This can put you in a very negative mindset and the worst thing you thought that would happen actually did.

8) When you hear someone laughing you actually think they're talking about you

Not in a vain way, as in, of course they're talking about me, but more that they're constantly judging you in some way. You look at what you're wearing or how your hair looks and wonder if it could be that. Their friends just told them a joke, but worriers are constantly paranoid.


7) Worrying about one small thing and then it gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day

You have one small doubt about something and then you can't seem to shake it for the rest of the day. It constantly reappears throughout the day like a fly that won't go away.  The only relief you have is actually confronting the thing you're worried about which is an even more daunting task.

6) You're a first class procrastinator

One of the most clear cut signs that you're a worrier is that you constantly procrastinate. You will put off anything and everything, just so you won't  have to deal with it straight away. You inevitably end up leaving everything until the last minute when you don't have time to worry.


5) You act like you're not phased by criticism, but really it eats you up inside

Someone was actually honest and they gave you constructive critcism, you act as if that you're ok with it, but really you're dying inside. "How could they be so right?" They're really only making an observation, but you make out as if it's a permanent scar on your self esteem.

4) Change is your mortal enemy

You have a routine that you stick to and anytime there is a change, is a serious spanner in the works. You don't really deal with change well and it takes you a while to fully adjust to new surrondings.


3) Daydreaming always makes things worse

You're not like everyone else you don't daydream about sunshine and lollipops, you think about all the bad things that could happen to you on your way home.  If it's going to be raining and if you will make it in time for your bus, all the signs of a true worrier.

2) You're always awkward when meeting new people

You're afraid of what they think and are only really comfortable with people when you know them for a while. You're always that person on the outside of the conversation looking in waiting to be introduced.

1) Even when everything is going well, you're convinced that things will turn out pair shaped

So you're actually doing well and getting on in life, but you're still convinced that somehow it's all going to go horribly wrong. You always think that someone is going to come in an tell you that it's all over....

Kenneth Fox
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I'm a musician and a writer, or a writer and a musician, I can't make up my mind, Either way I'm not particularly good at either. A bit of an old fashioned guy, who enjoys the simpler things in life, nothing fancy.

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