The Bitch, The Liar, The Wild One; 13 Types of College Girls in Every Year

College Girls are everywhere, all different shapes, sizes, beliefs, morals... If you're a guy, you'll know all of these well. If you're a girl, it's entirely possible that you are one of these.

1) The Good Girl/Book Worm

They never broke the pledge, never tried a cigarette and definitely never had a boyfriend. These girls are front and center at after school study every day and even has permission to cut PE so she can study some more. Can be a bit of a recluse but always a great friend to have as they will give you a little encouragement when it comes to exams and school work.

2) The Sporty Girl

The captain of the under 16's basketball/football/volleyball team, this one is tough as old boots. She is always training or playing a match somewhere. Don't ever count on her as a drinking buddy, she's simply too into her sporting career to jeopardize it over sex on the beach and slippery nipples...


3) The Wild One

House party? She's there. Grounded? She'll sneak out. She's been picked up by the Garda a couple of times but couldn't care less; this girl can be a good laugh, but be careful, she doesn't know where to draw the line. If you've got a friend like this you're in for a whirlwind experience!

4) The Slut

She's scored almost every lad in the year, and a few of the girls too. You'll never see her on the dancefloor at the disco, she's always cooped up in the corner with some lad, or several... Almost always has a coldsore.

5) The Rich Bitch

This is the girl who always has the latest iPhone, days after it comes out. She goes to all of the top gigs and festivals and spends her weekends shopping or clubbing. She takes school off to go on fancy holidays with her family and all of her clothes are from TopShop... Not that you're jealous or anything.


6) The Irrationally Angry One

The girl who plays up in every class and has blazing rows with the teachers. It's kinda funny for a couple of weeks but quickly turns completely head wrecking. It's all fun and games until she goes a step too far and gets expelled.

7) The Compulsive Liar

Everything that comes out of this girls mouth is bullshit. You know it, she knows it, everyone knows it, yet everyone puts up with it.

8) The Beauty Queen

You can literally see jaw drops when she walks down the hallway at school. Without a doubt the most beautiful girl in the year. All of the boys love her, all of the girls want to be her. Perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect teeth, just perfect.


9) The Always-In-A-Relationship One

This girl only has girlfriends for the brief single periods of her life. She hops from boyfriend to boyfriend while claiming to be completely 'in love' with every one of them. Bros before hoes, yo, bros before hoes.

10) The Hippie

This girl has a new colour in her hair every other week, wears infinite amounts of bracelets and listens to bands you've never even heard of.  Likes to talk about women's rights and is involved in the school debate team.

11) The Flirt

The cock tease, put simply. She flirts with every lad in the year, yet she rarely gets with anyone. she knows how to play the game and has a queue of guys wanting to ask her to the grad.

12) The OTT one

Would do literally anything for attention, constantly talks over everyone else and is overly excited about EVERYTHING. She pisses off anyone who is in a bad mood. Volunteers for anything and everything... So . Much . Enthusiasm.

13) The Bitch

Every year has at least one unbelievably relentlessly nasty girl. She is just horrible, Everything about her is horrible. She's always spreading rumorus and making up lies. She looks down her nose at people and treats others like shit. This girl will never have any decent friends, as anyone who is actually stupid enough to be pals with her is either afraid of her or they are a horrible person themselves.

Sandra Carty
Article written by
Currently bumming it, fresh outta college, slowly and reluctantly becoming an adult while trying to decide what to do with the rest of my life. I like drinking and interpretive dance, preferably in that order.

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