14 Struggles Of Being An Emotionally Sensitive Person

All the ugly crying. You cry when you're happy, you cry when you're sad, you cry when you're angry. There's no escaping the tears. You feel emotions so strongly that you know exactly what mood people are in when you walk into the room. People think you're a cry baby (don't cry), but they just don't understand emotions like you do. Insensitive bastards. They don't get your struggles.

1) Any movie that has a death in it has to be watched alone.

No one wants to see you ugly crying. Like a pug that's dying.

2) You can't have an argument without bursting into tears.

"You aren't listening to me! Listen to me! Stop being so meeeeaaann...."

3) Engagement videos are off limits.

Can't be dealing.

4) You can physically feel the tension when there's a fight.

Oh shit. Turn around and leave the room.

5) Seeing a random act of kindness will set you off.

People are so kind. The world is a beautiful place.

6) You worry you've hurt someone's feelings all the time.

It was just a joke, but now you're scared you've seriously offended them.

7) You tear up at a compliment.


8) You can relate to what other people are going through a bit too much.

You feel their pain and understand it and that's really weird.

9) When you see someone crying, you cry.

"Please don't cry, it's okay. No seriously stop crying you're gonna set me off. STOP!"

10) The smallest thing can make you angrier than a disgruntled OAP.

One person doesn't say thanks to the bus driver and it infuriates you.

11) Puppies are an overload of emotion.

They're so cute and you just want to squish them. It's all too much.

12) A song can make you blubber.

The right song can hit you directly in the feels.

13) You over-think a playful insult for the whole day.

"Did they think I was serious. I hope not. It was a joke. What if they did think I was serious. This is really fucking bad. I have to find them and apologise."

14) People don't get why you're so happy over the smallest things.

Normal people don't understand the huge celebrations you have over the little things in life. Be happy people!

Laura Kelly
Article written by
Laura is an open minded, positive thinker (who enjoys a good rant) with a love for all movies and Marvel. She is full of thoughts but is strictly only to be approached whenever a random conversation is desired. She is also deeply in love with Kristen Stewart.

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