14 Things Anyone Addicted To Makeup Knows To Be True

When you're so deep into the makeup hole, it can be hard to tell that not everyone hoards the same collection of essential beauty products that you do. I know I wouldn't bat an eyelid at spending my entire week's paycheck on that new urban decay palette. And if it means I can announce my purchase to the world via Instagram, all the better! But sometimes you've gotta take a step back and think... have I gone too far? The answer is almost always NO...

1. You have more lipsticks than a MAC counter.

2. And they have their own drawer.

3. People assume you're a makeup artist when they see how many brushes you own... no, no these are just for my face.


4. And washing them is a full time job.

5. You have so much highlighter you could make you entire body shimmer.



6. You have backups of your backups!


7. Your friends only come around for one reason.

8. But you secretly judge them when you see their ''collection.''


9. You have multiple shades of foundation, but none of them are your perfect colour.

10. Realising that half of your makeup collection has expired is a perfect excuse to buy more.


11. You have bought a lipstick that you already own without noticing.

12. Packing your holiday makeup bag is a serious challenge.


13. Your friends wonder where all your money goes.

14. But they don't understand that there are worse addictions than makeup.

Video: My Top Drugstore & Highstreet Makeup Products.

Credit: Zoella.

Aoife Connolly

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