14 Times Maggie Simpson Summed Up Being a Twentysomething

1. When you hear two of your friends talking about going out later that night.
2. When you rescue your friend from the dude at the bar who won’t leave them alone.
3. When someone tries to get you out of bed early on a weekend.
4. When you realise that it would have been better for you to save your money rather than buy alcohol and clothing.
5. When you don’t realise you’ve eaten a whole packet of cookies until the very last one.
6. When one of your friends gets *way* too drunk *way* too quickly.
7. When you go through a bad breakup and swiftly try to demolish any memory of your S.O.
8. When you get through an entire pizza by yourself instead of going to the gym.
9. When you see your high school bully.
10. When you try out a “new look”.
11. When someone doesn’t realise what’s bothering you.
12. When your jam comes on.
13. When you weigh up the pros and cons of eating off paper plates forever.
14. And when someone tries to tell you you’ve had too much to drink.
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