15 Signs Tinder Has Taken Over Your Life

Ah, Tinder. The amazing app that has us all swiping for days to find that perfect match, but some of us tend to be a bit more obsessed with it than others. If you find yourself saying, "oh yeah, that's me" to any of these points, you might be pretty obsessed with Tinder.

1. You start 'swiping' people in real life.


2. You've been genuinely upset when you accidentally swipe left on someone.



3. You anxiously wait the 3 seconds post-right swipe to see if they matched you.


4. If you find your friend, you swipe right on them for the laugh.



5. You get a twisted satisfaction when you unmatch people.


6. Seeing 'Congratulations! You have a new match' fills you with unending joy.



7. Being super liked makes you feel like a God.





8. You're filled with rage when people match you but never say anything.


9. But then again, they sometimes say weird and creepy things.



10. You update your profile photos religiously.


11. Going somewhere new means new people to swipe.



12. You've unmatched someone before only to rematch with them.


13. You often Tinder in inappropriate places.



14. It's your go-to app almost always.


15. You're secretly hoping to match your soulmate.




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