15 Things Everyone In A Big Friend Group Will Understand


When you're younger, a big group of friends seems ideal. And it can be; there's always someone to talk to when you're down and you're never left with nothing to do. But there are a few downsides too. Logistics are a nightmare, and don't even think of trying to organise a spontaneous night out with only a few days notice. Ain't nobody got time for that. Here are a few of the things that will ring oh so true if you're in a big friend group.

1: Group chats will ensure that your phone never stops beeping. EVER.

2: Ignoring your group chat can result in three missed fights, two awkward silences and three proposed outings.

3: There is more chance of hell freezing over than pleasing everybody.

4: People get jealous when they haven't been included in plans. 


5. Finding seats for everybody can be awkward and sub groups will form. Awkwardness may also develop. 

6: Your group chat is one big long embarrassing montage of screenshots.

7: Your blood boils when people have "seen" your message and chosen not to respond. Those blue ticks will haunt your dreams. 

8: There is always someone to listen to you complain about life. Bad day? There's always someone to rant to. 


9: You have so much patience because you're used to last minute plan changes. With that many people involved, it's inevitable. 

10: Everybody gets involved in a disagreement when they don't need to, because everyone has an opinion and everything. 

11: You'll learn that not everybody is your best friend.

12: Things will change and people will out grow the group and move on. 

13: But its fine because you're not going to fall out with everybody, right? People change and that's okay. 

14: You will have the best things to laugh about later in life with whoever is still around. 

15: You learn that tighter circles are easier to handle and big groups, while great fun, can be a bloody challenge. 

Conor Martin
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