15 Things You Learn From Living With Girls, As Told By A Guy

I'm a guy and I lived with girls in college... Some of what I found frightened me, disgusted me, amused me, horrified me... You see where I'm going with this. BUT I did learn about things... Girl things to be exact.

1. I Now Know How To Hang Thongs On Clothes-Horses.

I really shouldn't ever need to know this, but there were times I had to do laundry...The ol' 'Loop-and-Swoop' knot, eh? Clever...


2. ... And Colours And Whites Should Be Washed Separate? Thanks 'Mother' For Never Forcing Me To Learn!




2. No Girl Is Too Old To Love One Direction.

Possible more than any young tween, and definitely more violently so!




3. You Are All Just As Filthy As Guys...

You just hide it so well, you crafty minxes!


4. You Give Out About Make-Up/Tan Marks On The Bed... At Least Every Week.

It looks like you've smeared shit on the sheets.




5. That Diet is 'Starting Tomorrow.'

You swear. Right now, its caramel everything.



6. You Give Out About Probably Every Reality TV Star That's Ever Existed...

And I mean with a passion, yet you watch them all... the... fucking... time.


7. Kanye Is Truly Living In A Fish-Bowl, The Amount Of Paparazzi That Swarm His life, I'm Really Starting To Feel Sorry for hi- NOOO!!! CURSE YOU 'KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS'!

No one likes Kanye, Stephen, snap out of it (I actually love his music. A lot. Sorry not sorry)!



8. It'd Be Weird To Not Wear Fluffy Dressing-Gowns In The Evening.

Normal, hard (ish) clothes? No. Not dealing.



9. Bed Socks Are As Important As Shoes Once Indoors.

Festive ones, ones with sticky-outy- characters sewn onto them, ones that seem to have a 3,000,000 thread count...


10. Ignore The Bin In The Bathroom Stephen.

The less you know about it, the better...


11. If A Girl Is In Her Room With Her Door Closed, Then Do Not Disturb.

You may communicate via the 'Whatsapp apartment-group', or 'Snapchat' if you so wish.



12. Hair In Your Food?... That's A Normal Thing...

Our apartment literally needed a haircut, and our shower-plug hole needed a Brazilian... *shudders*


No, not when you eat soooo much chocolate your bed looks like it has fake-tan on it, I mean an actual concerted effort by everyone in the apartment to go somewhere outside with the sole purpose of buying chocolate... Lots of it.



14.The Effort You Put Into Going Out Is Disgusting.

No wonder you sit in the night-club and guys are too afraid to go over to talk to you... You've literally worked yourself up into a stressful, scowl-y mood trying to look good in the hope that you'd get approached by a guy... A vicious cycle... It boggles the mind.


15. Half Six In The Evening?

Oh, time for all the Pill-reminder alarms to go off at the same time like we're in a fucking chapel!

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Stephen Brennan

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