7 Things Every College Girl Needs To Wash More

How many of us rush home to do the washing or iron out the creases in tomorrow's shirt or dress? I'm assuming the answer is none of you, cause me neither. There are some things that are easy to wash and some that you just couldn't be arsed. Here is everything you need to wash more because you're not fooling anyone, WE KNOW.


RTW = Recommended Time to Wash



Tech insider carried out a survey which said that 54% of people wash their sheets less than the recommended once a week. 22% admitted to changing their sheets less than once a month. Is it just me or is it a pain in the ass to take of the sheets? Do you fight with the duvet cover too?



RTW: Once a week, or when there's noticeable... Stains.



Everyone knows you're not supposed to wash jeans. Apparently they hold their shape better with the debris you pick everyday. That, and when you wash them they shrink and then you can't get away with pizza for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday.



RTW: Let's be honest here, whenever they have evidence of spilled curry sauce.



We all live in perpetual fear of the day that our favourite bra will emerge with a metal wire sticking out of its heart... But those bitches need washing like everything else apparently.



RTW: 3 - 4 uses, unless you've run for the bus and it's sweaty and gross, in which case you need to wash it asap.

That dry-clean only dress:


Argh, that one dress... we're torn between 'aw it will be fine it, probably only says dry-clean as a precaution' and being terrified that it will come out all shriveled.






There is a big enough reign of terror over tights as it is, those things can rip at any second. The fear of them coming out all holey or bobbly in the washing machine is so real, which is why it's always better to hand wash them... I know I know, but they will last so much longer.



RTW: Does anyone reaaalllly notice dirty tights?



When we are old and rich and have airing cupboards, we'll have enough towels to supply two spas and we won't have to worry about shitty rental single glazed windows turning them all mouldy.



RTW: You're clean when you use them so what's the problem?!

Cleansing Cloths:


Once that white cloth starts to go grey, not only is it bad for your bathroom decor, but it's also so bad for your face.


RTW: When it's so covered in mascara, it's turned black.

Aoife Connolly

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