15 Yik Yak People Who Feel Our Studying Pain

You vaguely resemble a human being and the four walls of the library are bearing down on you. But this is the home stretch. Exams are almost here and the studying is coming to an end. Yik Yak has become a home for students at the end of their tether...much like yourselves. Here are 15 of those people who really understand your pain.

1) Wizards have it so much better.

2) Bit dark there...
3) The places your mind takes you while procrastinating.
4) No one is too burnt out to judge.
5) Doling out those harsh truths.
6) True love found in the library...
7) Even the Librocop isĀ better at life than you.
8) Everyone right now.
9) Hunzos beware.

10) We're not jealous Dobby. Shut up.

11) We never really leave secondary school.
12) Rude much?

13) Just plain honest.
14) Sounds about right.
15) We'll just leave you with these words of wisdom.

Sorcha Tyndall
Article written by
Sorcha loves everything HBO, Wes Anderson and Harry Potter related. Tina Fey is her dream woman and she believes Hillary Clinton should run the world.

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