16 Reasons Not To Go To College...

 First of all, beds are freakin’ comfy.


2. And it’s too damn cold outside.

3. Have you felt a fuzzy blanket lately?!

4. If breakfast in bed exists, lunch & dinner in bed can too, and chocolate...

You can even invite people over to eat in bed…


6. But pajamas are pretty fun too...

7. In bed, you already have all the friends you need.

8. Laptops come to bed..

iPhones do too…

9. More specifically, Netflix is a thing.

I am more than OK, thank you.

10. Staying in bed doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit.

Other methods of bedroom exercise are all possible, they usually require a partner..

11. You can invite your pets in with you

12. It’s totally green.

13. Bed is where you sleep. Sleep is awesome.

14. The outside world can be a scary place.

15. At the end of the day, you’re just going to collapse right back in anyway.

16. Bed is the best. What else is there to say?

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