17 Super-Simple Secrets For Glowing Skin

17 Super-Simple Secrets For Glowing Skin

What's the secret to getting glowing, dewy skin?

We Irish girls aren't exactly blessed with blemish free, even skin tones, but there are steps you can take to improve your skins overall appearance.

Follow these simple steps below and you're guaranteed to be glowing in no time.

1. Eat a healthy diet

You know the saying abs are made in the kitchen? Well, the same goes for skin. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is the sure way to get that glow.

Foods such as tomatoes, strawberries, apples, eggs and almonds will all help.



2. Drink at least two litres of water per day

Hydration is key. Staying hydrated is not only good for your skin but helps to flush out toxins, boosts the immune system, relieves headaches and increases your energy levels.

Top tip: Keep a bottle of water on you at all times and keep it in sight, you'll be surprised at how much more you'll drink as a result.

3. Exfoliate

By exfoliating regularly not only will your skin start to glow but it will become smoother in the process. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells but also targets cellulite. WIN.

4. Use the right moisturiser for your skin type


It's so important to know your skin type and the right products to use on it. If you have dry skin the last thing you want to use is a light moisturiser as you're skin will feel dry and tight as a result.

Make sure to get the correct moisturiser in order to correctly soothe your skin.

5. Never EVER sleep with your make up on

We've been told this one time and time again but it's so important. When you sleep with your make up on, your pores become clogged and bacteria builds up which leads to spots. Take the time to take it off, your skin will thank you for it.make-up

6. Also, remove make up correctly before going to sleep

A make up wipe won't cut it. In order to really remove make up, try using a micellar cleansing water and a cotton pad as an alternative. Otherwise, exfoliating and cleansing is the best way to completely remove all traces of make up.


7. Use sun cream

Sun exposure ages the skin dramatically, apply a factor all year round for healthy skin.


8. Cut back on the gargle

I know it's the last thing you want to hear but unfortunately it's a huge factor. Alcohol is a toxin to the body and as a result causes dull skin, try to cut down and you'll definitely notice the difference.

9. Get that beauty sleep


It's called that for a reason and yes, that means that you shouldn't stay up watching Netflix until 1am. Sleeping rejuvenates the cells and gives you that dewy skin.


10. Move your arse

Get up and move! Exercise has so many benefits including tightening and toning the skin, as well as releasing healthy hormones.

11. Clean your make up brushes

So much gross bacteria grows every time you use your brushes. Aim to clean them around once a week and watch breakouts be a thing of the past.



12. Cut out dairy

It's a fact that dairy causes breakouts as the cow's hormone stimulates the oil glands. Cut it out and get ready for unreal skin.

13. Avoid hot water

Having a super-hot shower isn't good for your skin. Instead try having a milder shower, it will prevent redness and your skin will look better as a result.

14. Don't rub your face with your towel


This applies to your entire body, instead try dabbing yourself dry. Your skin will be far less irritated.


15. Don't touch your face

The oil from your hands can cause major breakouts – hands off.

16. Resist those greasy chips

Foods high in fat and carbs can cause premature wrinkles, instead try eating baked sweet potato fries instead.



17. Finally... use a face mask

Using a mask every so often has loads of benefits. They detox the skin and can provide soothing relief if you have acne, try this home-made mask for glowing skin –

  • Mash one avo with a tablespoon of honey.
  • Apply to face, leave for 15 mins.



Ciara Finnegan

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