17 Things Nobody Tells You About Money In Your 20s

Let's face it, for the first two years of college, usually when you're like 18-20 you have F all worries, I mean you can go drinking with little to no money, usually like working a couple of days a week in the local is enough to get by and that's fine, because getting by is the fun part... But what happens when you hit your dreaded 20s and money starts to matter? I wish I had been better prepared to deal with the financial constraints that living a spoilt life in no way prepared me for. Here's the things somebody should have told me about money.

1. If you're not spending it you're thinking about it.

2. You'll never feel like you have enough

3. A few of your friends will be earning twice as much as you & it will make you feel shit


4. Thanks to wealthy family some will never have to worry about a single penny (try not to be resentful)

5. Besides, you'll find that most people you are in the same boat as you

6. You'll learn that's it's better to save up a bit and spend BIG

7. Always do a big food shop, don't get your lunch from Starbucks

8. Buy the basics, you don't need organic corn fed quail eggs...


9. Stay away from bar 7 days a week

10. Because you will feel like a dick when you can't afford to do rounds of drinks

11. Especially if your mates are on the trebles and your on the pints

12. You absolutely hate direct debits


You hate that they take money away from you, but you love them for automatically paying bills, rent etc. You know you'd forget to do it and the consequences ain't pretty.

13. Your overdraft is NOT your friend. Pay that shit off as soon as you can and never go there again

14. Taxes are the most confusing things in the world especially if you're self-employed, but it's important to figure them out

15. Talking to your boss about your salary will always be awkward - just get it over with!

16. It's good to be a bit of a Monica Geller about your spendings

17. And lastly, it's important to start saving NOW, otherwise you'll never afford anything.

Be organised and get a budget going!
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