18 Reasons It's Great To Be Single During The Summer

Summer is a great time in general, it's usually sunny, you have some serious time off from college, provided you aren't doing a boring unpaid internship (in which case neither we, or anyone else can help you) But it's also a time when the less rational amongst us decide to get in relationships... As if that's ever a good idea?

Here is why it's great to be single, not just in the summer,

1. You can do whatever you want

2. Whenever you want

3. However you want


4. Whyever you want?

5. You don’t have to share anything

6. You’ve always got time to chill with your besties


7. Your bed is your domain to rule as you see fit

8. If you wanna get naughty with somebody new, you can

9. You. Can. Fart. Like. A. Beast. At. Your. Leisure


10. No arguing about which movie to see

11. You won’t end up in a cringey couple pic like this

12. Or a cringey couple tattoo like this


13. You can wear your Bridget Jones pants and not give a fuck

14. You don’t have to pretend to be interested in anything

15. You can flirt absolutely free of guilt


16. Your social life is yours to decide

17. You've got all the money in the world, to spend on you!

18. The world is your oyster, you can go on whatever holiday you want...

 Via Student Beans 

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