The 18 Shit Struggles Everyone Who Gets The Bus Will Understand

The 18 Shit Struggles Everyone Who Gets The Bus Will Understand

The bus is the shitest form of transport in the entire world, period. It's never on time and is about as reliable as a chocolate teapot.

It's full of young ones drinking cans, old ladies complaining and smelly people in general. Whatever form of bus you use, the experience is always the same, shit.

So if, like me, you rely on this hideous bunch of wheels to get from A to B, you will surely recognise the sheer peril that's associated with every aspect of it.

1. That one person who opens the window in the depths of winter


2. The phantom farter



3. The odd person who thinks it's perfectly acceptable to smoke


4. Staring at the real-time screen and watching your bus just disappear


5. There's always someone eating something with garlic



6. During winter, the bus fogs up so much you constantly miss your stop


7. The bus driver seems to speed up and soon as you stand


8. When the bus WI-FI doesn't work (aka all the time)



9. There's always that one person who literally sits on top of you


10. The bus driver sees it as a personal challenge to try and fit as much humans as possible until you end up looking like this


11. The seats seem to be designed to make you feel uncomfortable

12. There's always a bunch of secondary school students at the back shouting at 8am


arnold schwarznegger shut up

13. Even if you run, sometimes the driver just wont stop

14. That moment when you've waited at the bus for 25 minutes and it drives past you


15. The general dismal atmosphere

16. Those disgusting humans who listen to music without earphones



17. People who queue up to get off the bus when they're 10km from their stop


18. Finally...acting like a scene from the hunger games when the bus is nearly full and you're about to get on


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