The Types Of People That Make You Hate Taking The Bus

Public transport is a necessary evil in a lot of people's lives. It's gets us to where need to go, kind of, and for a relatively small amount of money as well, especially considering the cost of running a car. Unfortunately, you have to share the journey with other people, which, in the morning is not always the easiest thing to do.  Most people just keep to themselves and try not to bother anyone else. However, some people are not like this. Some people have consideration for the people around them. Some people are just assholes.


The Phone Person

One of the most common annoyances on the bus, or any form of public transport for that matter. This person has no awareness of the volume of their own voice, and seems content on including everyone in their conversation, which lasts for the whole journey, and predictably is not really very interesting either. I don't care who who you tried to shift last night, or how much of a bitch she is. No one does, probably not even the person on the other end of the phone.


The Raver


In the morning, most of us like to move at a slightly slower pace, easing ourselves into the day. And I, like most other people I'd imagine, choose their music based on this attitude, going for a more chilled out playlist. This is why it is so confusing when someone sits behind you blaring Avicii  at 8 in the morning. I like listening to Avicii as much as the next person, but only when exhibiting my excellent* moves on a dance floor, not sitting peacefully on a bus at 8 in the morning. And besides all that, you'll be deaf this time next year if you keep it up.

*Note: Dance moves may not actually be that excellent.


The Overly Touchy Couple

Kissing. Groping. Stroking. Filthy as all of that might sound, the stuff that goes on between an overly touchy couple on a bus is usually PG. This, however, does not mean that it is any less appropriate. PDA on a bus is like a porn scene in a Disney film... Okay it might not be quite that bad, but you get my point.



School Children

Usually getting on in packs or four, or five, or fifty, they all insist on sitting together, hitting every second person over the head with their gigantic school bags as they try and find enough free seats close together. I will often time my journey home to avoid the school rush. If you don't, you risk a very noisy and overcrowded bus trip.



The Person Who Needs A Seat For Their Bag

I have nothing against putting your bag on the chair next to when the bus is half empty, to give yourself the extra leg room. But don't be oblivious to the fact that your bag is taking up the last free seat and force some stranger to seem like an asshole and ask you to move it. Just do the decent thing, move it yourself, and stop making it look like your saving the seat for your imaginary friend.


The Smelly Person

The smelliness of a person can take two forms; either the person them self does not appear to have showered for a very long time, and may as well have stink lines and flies above their head, or they are eating a particularly smelly type of food, usually involving some type of garlic sauce, or a particularly pungent species of fish.



The Person Who Waits Until They're On The Bus To Get Their Money Out

They saw the bus coming around the corner. They've gotten the bus before. They know how much it costs. but, despite all of this, they only get the money out of their pocket and count it when they're talking to the bus driver, spilling thousands of coins everywhere in the process.


The Person Who Doesn't Thank The Bus Driver When They Get Off

The worst kind of person on public transport... No, scratch that. The worst kind of person in life. End of.

David Sweeney
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David has the most relevant qualifications of all of the writers at CollegeTimes, having just completed 3 years of an Electrical Engineering degree in UCD.

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