19 Photos That Will Annoy All Tidy People

1. This poor choice of sink pattern.
2. This all-too-common sheet problem.
3. This bowl which becomes unbalanced when empty.
4. And this saucepan, which tips with the weight of its own handle.
5. This regular kitchen nightmare.
 6. This horrifying image of a wet spoon in sugar.
 7. These cans, which are impossible to stack neatly.
 8. This infuriating tear in a cereal packet.
 9. This clusterfuck of cutlery.
 10. This vacuum cord of horror.
 11. This twisted and tangled phone cord.
 12. This monitor which isn’t even a touchscreen.
 13. This desktop from the bowels of hell.
 14. This roll of toilet paper that just didn’t want to unroll in one piece.
 15. And this photo of toilet paper that someone hasn’t bothered to change.
 16. These empty milk cartons, just placed back in the fridge.
 17. This sickening lack of hygiene.
 18. This cheese, which was probably opened by the devil.
 19. And these unfinished drinks that have just been left there waiting for YOU to clean up.
Sorcha Tyndall
Article written by
Sorcha loves everything HBO, Wes Anderson and Harry Potter related. Tina Fey is her dream woman and she believes Hillary Clinton should run the world.

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