19 Things People On Antidepressants Wish Everyone Understood

By Blair O'Brien.

1) For starters, we're not crazy!
2) Not everyone who takes antidepressants is the same.
3) For many of us, the decision to take antidepressants isn't an easy one.
4) Just because we take antidepressants, doesn't mean our depression is magically cured.
5) In fact, sometimes antidepressants can make us feel worse.
6) That's why finding the right medication is crucial. However, sometimes it takes time.
7) While you may be trying to help, saying things like "Just stop being depressed" and "This is probably just a phase" can make us feel worse. A lot worse.
8) We sometimes have days where even the simplest tasks can seem overwhelming. Getting out of bed? Nope, not gonna happen.
9) The side-effects of anti-depressants can be hard to deal with, especially in the beginning.
10) We want our depression to go away just as much as our friends and loved ones, but it's not that easy.

11) Sometimes depression can make us feel like we are all alone. These are the times when your support matters the most.

12) No, we can't just "snap out of it".
13) Depression and sadness are NOT the same thing.
14) Antidepressants can lower our sex drive.

15) There are highs and lows; good days and bad.
16) We don't always want to talk about the fact that we're taking antidepressants.
17) We will not be depressed forever, but our recovery can take a while.
18) Don't worry about saying the "right thing" to us. Sometimes just being there and supporting us is enough.
19) Your love and support means everything. Thank you for your kindness and patience.
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