20 Questions For Leinster Mascot Leo The Lion

Ever wondered what's going on in the mind of Leo The Lion? He's such a mysterious creature prowling the sideline, cheering our boys on. Well, wonder no more cause we've got the inside scoop. This is the first time that Leinster are offering Student Season Tickets, so now is your chance to get in on the action, right here and see the greats in person, along with the legend that is Leo The Lion. We asked Leo 20 questions to find out a little bit more about his world and the team he so proudly represents.

Q. What's the best try you've ever seen?

The last try Leinster score is always my favourite until the next one!

Q. What's your favourite part of match day?

At the actual game it has to be when the team run out onto the pitch before kick-off. Every time it’s special in its own way. The crowd roar and whoever we’re playing know that they’ve arrived in Leinster – Welcome to the Jungle!

Q. Is that your girlfriend in your Twitter picture?

It is! That’s Leona. We’ve been together for almost two years now. And no, those aren’t wedding bells you can hear….. YET.


Q. Who's your favourite out of all the players girlfriends?

After that last question do you seriously expect me to answer this one?!

Q. Have you ever met the famous Ross O'Carroll Kelly? If so, what's he like?

Myself and Ross go way back. He’s exactly what you’d expect – the Rossmeister General does not disappoint. Underneath it all though he’s a lovely guy. And his Leinster dream is still alive – just about…

Q. Do you have any rugby aspirations yourself?

Bring my boots to every game!

Q. Have you ever gone on a night out with the team?

Yes. I’ll leave it there. K

Q. Who is the most mischievous Leinster player?

Can the answer be ‘all of them’?

Q. What happens in the changing rooms after a win?

Lads get showered, some get a massage. I usually do a bit of a tactical de-brief. Then we all go off and focus on beating whoever’s up next.

Q. Do you have any mascot rivalries?

There are some that think we’re rivals… I actually get on quite well with Sparky, Ulster’s mascot. Not sure if bears and lions have ever co-existed, or even if they generally come across each other. There’s definitely that species gap – bears are a bit weird, mad for honey.

Q. Who is your favourite Leinster player ever?

A bit like asking to choose my favourite child. I’m a father to them all, really. I couldn’t really choose. It’s Isa Nacewa though. Can’t wait to welcome him back.

Q. What's your pre-game ritual?

Pre-match prep is crucial. Good rest, breakfast, shower – vital. You can see it all here:

Q. What do you think is the best moment in Leinster Rugby history?

Three Heineken Cups, four league titles, a Challenge Cup. Defining games, highs and lows. Yeah… it’s probably this photo:

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