15 Things People Who Hate Mornings Understand

There's surely nothing worse than waking up and knowing that, in a matter of minutes you must leave your fort of comfort and joy. It's tough, to say the least. Here are 15 things that people who hate mornings will understand;

1) Morning showers waste valuable sleeping time.


Why shock yourself into waking up so abruptly when you could just shower the night before? Makes logical sense really.

2) You already know what you're wearing tomorrow.



It's cold in the mornings. I want to go from one outfit to another with immediate effect. This is why I have my clothes ready and waiting at the end of the bed.

3) Lunch was also prepared last night.


Unless you plan on buying your lunch out. The last thing you need in the morning is to be faced with knives and the smell of sandwiches.

4) You're not a morning time breakfast eater.



I eat my breakfast about four hours into the working day. No one can stomach food before the sun is up. Nobody normal anyway...

5) Snoozing is your favourite activity, probably in the world.


Just. One. More. Minute. Please.

6) When your alarm goes off, swearing is your only coping mechanism.



F*ck you, you stupid f*ing c*nting alarm shit.

7) If you're ready before you should be, you're winning at life.


Instead of leaving to get into work early, you flap about in your house doing something useless instead. When you actually are on time, you feel a huge sense of accomplishement.

8) Before a coffee, no one shall speak to you and receive an answer.



Don't even bother. Unless you're handing me a coffee. If not then jog on matey.

9) Actually, don't talk to me pre 9am.


True story. This face is not made for early morning socialising.

10) You can't handle anyone bumping into you or being aggressive before you get into work.



My personal space barrier become's a good 20cm wider on a Monday morning, so don't push into me or it's likely you'll get a deck in the face. Just saying.

11) More often than not, you're late for work/ college.


Fuck you Monday, you soulless bastard.

12) Some may refer to your morning face as resting bitch face.



My facial expressions on a Monday morning cannot and will not be judged. Leave me be, won't you?

13) You cannot grasp how some people are so cheery at this hour.


These people are people who got some this morning. Three cheers for you.

14) You dream of getting back into that magical bed of yours all day long.


There's nothing better than climbing into bed after a long hard day. *Sigh*

15) ...and your Saturday morning lie in...


That magical day that you wait for all week long. Ahhh.

Alex Langley
Article written by
Alex is a History of Art & Philosophy graduate from the illustrious Trinity College, which makes her a natural fit for College Times. She spends Monday to Friday writing smut and her weekends thinking deeply and History of Arting.

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