20 Things They Forgot To Tell Us About Our 20's

Life is now a real thing. You've finally managed to graduate after spending 5 years doing Arts, but you don't actually feel like an adult yet, nor do you want to act like one. You’ve entered the work force, but you don't really feel like working.

You’re in your 20s, but it's not all as it seems, these are the things no one told you that would happen...


The quarter life crisis is real.


There are no birthdays to look forward to after 21...



Paying for shopping and bills and rent and everything else is a real pain in the ass.


You eat fast food alone, for dinner, watching re runs of friends, not after long nights out with friends, your real friends (where did they go?)



Yes, all of your friends now live / work in different places / countries.


Facebook notifies you about your friend's new relationships, in case you weren’t already struggling with your single status and needed a reminder.



You desperately want a dog, but hate the idea of being responsible for a living creature when you can barely take care of yourself.


Drinking daily is no longer considered normal, unfortunately.



You want to travel like everyone else seems to be, you have to get a job and start saving money, which leads to being stuck in said job 2 years later with a view at a management position. 


Your co-workers are boring, which makes you realise that if you’re not careful, one day you might be, too.



A 9 to 5 is not the same as waking up at 12 for one class and having 4 days weekends... Thanks Arts!


The tutor might not notice if you’re not there, but your boss will.



You can be hungover in class, you can be hungover in work, but I know which one I'd prefer to be hungover in...


Even if you thought you knew exactly what you wanted to do with your life, now, every time you watch a new TV show you change your mind, I currently want to be Don Draper  an ad executive.



You’re supposed to be looking for a relationship, why exactly is that though?


Dancing like an idiot makes you sweat more and breath less...



Your hangover recovery period is a 2 day, if not a 3 day event...


Your family no longer wants to visit, or even see you. It's as if all those times they 'joked' about wanting to get rid of you weren't actually a joke :( 



The ancient art of the college one night stand is no longer a thing you do, although no one's told my friends that!


You will overanalyse every single option that comes your way, make the wrong choice the majority of the time, and live to tell the tale.


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Shane Johnston
Article written by
Editor for CollegeTimes, UCD graduate and music lover. [email protected]

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