20 Worst Tattoo Fails

The beauty and the cure of 'worst tattoo' articles is that you could literally go on forever. There are thousands of hideous tattoos in the world and every day, that list extends. From simple spelling mistakes to bad artwork to just plain stupid, this is a list of the worst tattoos you could have imagined.

20) No, No You Are Not.

19) This Is The Only Scenario In Which A Pornstache Would Be A Better Option.

18) I Bet He Hasn't Gotten One Of These Since He Got This Tattoo.


17) This Is The Only Thing That Will Sit On His Face Ever Again. Also, Jesus, Why?

16) People With This Tattoo Have Never Had Sex

15) I'm Not Sure What Effect They Hoped For, Regardless, They Failed


14) What Makes A Tramp Stamp Classy? When It Depicts A Blowjob.

13) Run, Brenda!

12) Don't Get A Drink Brand Tattooed On Your Forehead, Okay?


11) That Wizard Needs A Shave.

10) It Took Me A Good Minute To Decipher What This Said

9) You Should've Just Left It And Hoped Nobody Noticed.


8) Mam, Dad, I'm So Sorry.

7) Apparently, This Is Some Kind Of Lion? Or Maybe It's A Tiger.



5) Her Parents Must Be So Proud. Of Both The Sentiment And The Penmanship.

4) She Didn't Even Stop At The T-Shirt, This Gal Wears Her Label With Pride.

3) There Is No Justice Here.


2) If She Truly Looks Like That, I Don't Know Who I Feel More Sorry For.

1) I Don't Even Know Where To Begin.

Honestly, how any of these people thought that these were a good idea is beyond me. All I hope you take from this is that you shouldn't, under any circumstances, allow your drunken mate, with an Ebay-bought tattoo gun, to tattoo you... No matter how drunk you are.

Emma Hyland

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