21 Signs You Went To A Mixed School

If you went to a mixed school you know that things are a little different to same sex schools.  It is a melting pot for adolescent boys and girls . It was the time in your life where you became a young adult, even if we didn't all make the step gracefully. You can't deny that going to a mixed school had a big impact on you. Here are the sure signs that you went to a mixed school.

21) You can't stand the sight of Uniforms

In mixed schools everyone has to wear the same uniform . It is meant to show that we are all equal, after 6 years of wearing a school uniform you can't wait to finally burn it.

 20) Transition year was the best year of your life

Everyone say it its such a doss, but if you were lucky enough to go to a school that actually cared about T.Y. you will know how good it was. It is called transition year for a reason,  because it is the year where you start to mature, but the reason you remember it, is because it was when you really got to know your year.


19) Sports Days

Most of the time no one really cared to0 much about it, but when there was a game against another class, things got really serious. The reason it was so important was because you would have bragging rights for the rest of the year.

18) P.E.

This was probably the only thing you looked forward to during the week. For guys you could finally get to play a game of footy, for girls it was a chance to pretend they were sick and gossip on the sidelines. There was always that one kid that had no luck with sports.



17) The Beep Test

We all remember the dreaded beep test that we had to do every year. The guys that played sports always dropped out early and the smokers did better than expected. Then they were those who would use every excuse in the book to get out of doing it.

 16) Getting jocked 

It is bad enough if you get jocked when there are a few lads around , but when there are girls around it's ten times worse. The whole school knows what has  happened to you and will be forever remembered as the guy who wore polka-dot pants.


 15) Strange Nicknames

They were always after some sort of animal or a strange object because we knew that giving someone a nickname was the ultimate revenge. Anytime you would meet old friends from school they always call you by your nickname.

 14) On non-uniform days you dressed to impress

This was your one chance to finally impress that guy or girl you liked, you wore your best clothes to school on these days.  The worst part was that you thought you had great fashion sense until you saw that one person that completely showed you up.


 13) Classroom Romance

Of course, there were many couples down through the years, which at best lasted for a week or two. They were always so stereotypical as well, except for that one really ugly couple that you felt really sorry for.

12) Your textbooks were full of lovehearts... and penises

Everyone gets bored in class so we would resort to doodling in class. For girls it was whoever their crush was at the time and of course for guys they couldn't help drawing  penises on their textbooks for some strange reason.


 11) Doing Home Economics to meet girls

It's great because you get to eat food in class, but the real reason guys did home economics was to meet girls. You really have to coordinate with your friends, otherwise you will be the only lad in Home Ec.

10) Choosing to do Higher or Ordinary was solely based on girls

You didn't want to be in that class that was a sausage fest, so picking higher or ordinary came down to which class the hottest girl was in. If you didn't ask around you would end up in the class that had that weird girl that never used to shower.


9) Girls made it really obvious when they liked someone

It wasn't very hard to tell when a girl was into you, anytime they would see you they would rush over to talk to you. The only problem is that guys are so bad with picking up signals that they never even knew.

8) The Hot Male/Female Teacher

There was always one teacher that every guy liked usually the sexy English teacher and for girls it was the Art teacher that  had amazing hair. On results night everyone made their embarrassing attempts to try and hook up with them.



 7) The day everyone got injections

It was like an Emergency room, people fainting, people getting sick and that one lad who's arm bruised up. No one likes needles, but anytime we heard that we had to get injections, our hearts would collectively sank.

6) Unisex Scraps


We all had that one person we didn't get on with in schoolwhether you were a guy or a girl. After school or even sometimes during lunch, fights were organized. Usually it was between two lads, but there was always a fair share of girls that fought because they didn't like each others hair.

5) Gaffs were always the best craic

For a lot of people the first time that they drank was at a gaff party, which meant that they did a lot of stupid shit. House parties were the place where relationships were ruined and new ones were made, all with the aid of alcohol.

4) You know not to get on the bad side of a girl with an attitude


There is always that one girl that had a bad temper and called herself a ghetto bitch. It is best just to stay clear off her and hope you don't get paired up in class.

3) The bathrooms was where the magic happened

We were young and foolish and our hormones were going like crazy. Sometimes, you noticed that a guy and a girl had been gone from class for a long time. The teachers definitely knew, but never did anything about it.

2) Mitching off school to head into town

For those rebels, When you had a double class after break, there was no way you were going back in. Usually,  If there was a  girl in school  you liked, this was your chance to take her out. All be it to the cinema, but still it's always a classy choice.

 1) You lived for class trips

Getting away from the daily grind of school life was always the best part of your year. The lucky ones got to go abroad to Paris or Berlin, but for everyone else they had to make do with an adventure centre. Either way school trips down the country meant no homework , no study and no parents.

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