9 Life Lessons You'll Learn About Friendships During Your 20s

9 Life Lessons You'll Learn About Friendships During Your 20s

Growing up the idea of spending long periods apart from your number one was traumatising never mind finding out you could actually drift apart and never see each other again.

As you get older you realise life has a funny way of separating you from that one person who laughed at your weirdest jokes and knew your darkest secrets but if you can surive your twenties still speaking to that person, you guys are set for life:

1) You Won't See Each Other As Much Anymore:

Between work and binge watching the latest Netflix show, it's impossible to just sit back and hang with your number one.


2) Getting Rid Of The Deadwood Is Essential


We've all had or have those friends who act like toxic vampires - drain your energy, talking over you and let you down more frequently than your local bus. Cut the cord now. It's easier than hanging around and waiting for the 'we drifted' conversation to happen.

3) Everyone Is Changing And Even You Won't Feel The Same:

While you might have thought puberty was your biggest change, dealing with the struggles of everyday life and the heavy load of adulthood means you won't even have time to think about how much you've changed never mind your BFF.


4) Sleepovers Aren't The Done Thing Anymore:


Staying up till 5 am to watch all your favourite movies is a lot harder than it used to be which is probably why nobody over 23 does it. Also, everyone loves their personal space and sharing a bed or sleeping on the floor just seems like such effort.

5) The Petty Drama Slips Away:

Once the deadwood has been swept away, the stupid drama that never really mattered disintegrates. If there's still drama then you haven't cut enough chords. Also, it's impossible to mix your friend groups like you used to so any chance of conflict is rare.


6) Sometimes Romance Gets In The Way:


We all have those friends who can't help but jump into a relationship and leave you completely in the dark for six months. If they're not deadwood or 'worth the hassle', wait until this relationship ends and give them the pep talk or recognise that conflict is a part of life and tell 'em to sort their shit out.


7) You Won't Be As Bothered To Make New Friends:

Making friends is hard work but getting to know people and their personal struggles can take an emotional toll. While it might be fun to make new friends in the bathroom on a night out, it rarely turns into anything more than a one night only affair.

8) Rescheduling Becomes A Common Occurence:


Before you have the 'we've drifted apart' conversation, try and eliminate the rescheduling system. You know the way you say you'll see each other but then x gets confused by y and somethings happened with z so you end up cancelling for a phantom future date that never becomes a reality. We're all guilty of using it but if you end up not seeing a good friend in two years because of it, well, you can't blame the system.


9) You Realize Who's Your "Friends Forever":

Life may get in the way but the ones who stick around, offers you encouragement, don't put you on the back burner or run away from your personal tragedies are usually keepers. Remember though, friendship is a two way street. If you're not offering any of those things then no wonder you're being left on read.

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