21 Things You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Do In Your 20's

There are some things we are afraid to do in our 20's and it is time, here and now, to say "hell no!". We can take on these tasks with no fear or regret. Some of us are missing out on such accomplishments. So, stop right there and make sure to attempt this list in the future. Here are the 21 Things You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Do In Your 20's.

1) Traveling Alone

Some of us fear this most in our 20's but it might be the best thing we ever do. Traveling is a must and traveling alone will bring us new friends and fortune.

2) Volunteering

Going on a college volunteering trip will be the best thing you do. It will help you grow and help those less fortunate.


3) Eating Alone

I just don't get this fear of eating alone. I often ate alone in The Arts Café in UCD but a lot of people would prefer to eat in their cars than go it alone. You must conquer this fear.

4) Saying "No"

Don't be a people pleaser and if you are one stop now. Don't say "yes" to everyone and don't try and keep everyone on your side. It's not a good look.


5) Dating someone who isn't your "type"

Go for someone out of your comfort zone. If you don't fancy them now, they may end up being your soulmate. You won't know until you try.

6) Making New Friends

Muster up the courage to make new friends in your small tutorial class. College is a time for making friends and many people get too comfortable with people they knew before. Make it a task to make one new friend and keep them.


7) Visit Distant Relatives

If your cousins or distant relatives live on the other side of the world, take this opportunity to go and meet them. It is a great excuse to travel and get to know some of your family members.

8) Move Away From Home

Whether it is London or Perth, your 20's is a great time to live in another country. You have no work commitments and no future plans, yet, so use your time wisely.


9) Pursue Something You Love Doing

Whether it is the tango or telemarketing, do something you love. It could be a hobby or a chance at a future career, do it now or forever hold your piece.

10) Use Your Talents

You could be the next Bill Gates or Bill Cosby, so, use those talents God gave you. It might not make you money but you could have a good time.


11) Apply For A Job You Don't Think You'll Get

Many of us in our 20's would be reluctant to apply for something that is out of our reach. Do not let this stop you. It could be your lucky day and you could land the job of your dreams.

12) Take On Responsibility

If you are able to gain responsibility in the work place take it. The more experience delegating that you have will credit you in the future.


13) Put Yourself Out There

Whether it is in a class in college or with a group of friends, don't be afraid to put yourself out there. You never know what great opportunities might come your way.

14) Go For The Guy Or Girl That's Out Of Your League

There is no harm in trying. If they say "no" you will never have to wonder. If they say "yes" you have bagged yourself the hottest male or female about town. The risk is in your hands.


15) Spend Money On Experiences

Spend your money on scuba diving or riding that elephant as these are the things you will remember. You will forget the day you stayed in and spent all your money on McDonalds because you weren't arsed.

16) Go On A Blind Date/Set-up

Yes, it is scary. Yes, it could be an epic fail. But, look at it this way, it'll be the most romantic or funniest story you tell.


17) Embrace A Risky Fashion Trend

Everyone is a hipster these days so why not take on a risky trend. Your 20's is a great time for this. Be victorious.

18) Wear A Bikini/Very Short Shorts

You are in your prime. Show people what you've got.


19) Go On A Date With An Older Woman/Man

Get wined and dined in style with the cougar or older man of your dreams. Take this opportunity if it is given to you.

20) Blag Your Way Into As Many V.I.P Areas As You Can

In our 20's, let's not beat around the bush, we have no shame. Try and get into all the V.I.P areas whether they are shit or not. You can do this.

21) Go To As Many Festivals As Humanely Possible

Electric Picnic doesn't count as every Irish person has been there. Try Tomorrowland, Benicassim or Coachella.

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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